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Synonyms for homophile

of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to members of one's own sex

Synonyms for homophile

homosexual or arousing homosexual desires


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Hence, homophile is one of the factors that influence the informal network destruction.
That same fall the University of Toronto Homophile Association (UTHA) was formed.
expatriate Jearld Moldenhauer, who placed a small advertisement asking "Anyone interested in discussing the organization of a student homophile league please contact J.
Call had a close personal relationship with Conrad Germain, who he had solicited for financial support for his fledgling homophile organization.
racial justice struggle, entered the homophile movement, gays began to
Although the debates in homophile periodicals were superficially similar to debates between writers and subscribers in any magazine, in one crucial way they were different.
Equally moving is the career of Allan Horsfall, an openly gay, working-class man who during the 1950s organized homophile groups and a "Buggers Club" with the acceptance of ordinary working people, if not of the trade union leadership, in the industrial towns he moved through as a labour activist.
While impossible to dispute, the very portability of this argument--it works not just for Australia and New Zealand but is in complete accordance with George Chauncey's massively influential account of the rise of the US gay liberation movement through prior decades of informal friendship networks, formal homophile associations, underground public-sex cultures and those overground cultures that are synonymous with homosexuality without needing to say so--suggests that the terms of analysis still kilter towards a globalising account of homosexual identity that makes the difference in gay culture here the same as the difference in gay culture elsewhere, which is to say no difference at all.
Bien que la proposition de Florida paraisse demesuree eu egard a son incidence economique, elle illustre une singuliere evolution des mentalites en Amerique, en particulier l'organisation de groupes qui ont toujours ete marginaux et plus ou moins toleres, deconsideres ou stigmatises (alcooliques, joueurs compulsifs, toxicomanes, homosexuels, travestis et transsexuels, detenus et ex-detenus, nains, malades mentaux, sourds et muets, incluant les gauchers dont la particularite est socialement insignifiante aujourd'hui) : When one recalls that [homosexuals] never wanted for educated and intellectual adherants, it is all the more puzzling that no homophile organization appeared in America until after the Second World War (1) (Sagarin 1969).
Throughout the election campaign, Haskett's opponents reminded voters that during her first term as mayor of London in 1997, she was convicted and fined by an Ontario human rights board of inquiry for refusing on religious grounds to issue a gay pride proclamation at the request of the Homophile Association of London Ontario (HALO).
Instead, it seems that homophile Anglicans and Lutherans are once again left with the Psalmist's refrain: "How long, O Lord?
The homophile movement of the postwar years, exemplified in the journal Arcadie, opposed open displays and effeminate behaviours.
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This middle-class driven trend away from effeminate gender mannerisms, in turn, created a major schism within a burgeoning postwar national gay community; it also discouraged effeminate male homosexuals from participating in the homophile movement.
Adding to the rich detail that McLeod provides about the magazine's content, and cover-art, he also provides circulation figures and some context about GAY's rather limited Canadian competition--the ASK newsletter (a homophile publication based in Vancouver) and TWO (a magazine for the Toronto gay club crowd).