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Synonyms for homophile

of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to members of one's own sex

Synonyms for homophile

homosexual or arousing homosexual desires


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Gittings also partnered with gay activist and Homophile Action League co-founder Frank Kameny to lead actions against the Defense Department and the Civil Service Commission, which had banned "homosexuals" from jobs.
The publication of Alfred Kinsey's books on the sexual practices of Americans also contributed to the formation of the homophile movement.
Whether there is now, in fact, a sexuality subfield that holds together under some rubric work on reproduction, birth control, heterosexual courtship, and marriage (the women's history track), on the one hand, and work on same-sex desire, community formation, homophile movements, and gender nonconformity (the queer history track), on the other--I am fairly uncertain.
Homophile is defined as the tendency of people to develop relationships among socially similar strata (Lazarsfeld & Merton, 1954) which means that socially similar people tend to develop stronger relations than those socially dissimilar (Reagans & Burt, 1998).
In Wide Open Town, I make the case for two political constituencies (although of course there were more): one based on homophile activism (individual rights and a politics of sameness) and the other based in the bars and fights for the right to public assembly (group rights and a politics of difference).
This states that "the clergy cannot claim the liberty to enter into sexually active homophile relationships".
In 1972,1 was running for office, and two new organizations, one female and one male, the Daughters of Bilitis and the Homophile Union of Boston, sent out a questionnaire to all the state legislative candidates.
We may find the roots of their approach to constitutional history as well in the internationalist and social democratic "human rights" politics of the era after the war; the efforts of women to defend their rights to work within and outside of the courts; the legal improvisations of the rising homophile movement of the 1940s; and in the belated revulsion within U.
Yet the theoretical literature on core-peripheral economies suggests that uneven distribution of human, social and financial capital in a nation, reinforced by homophile effects and migration, can set up a virtuous cycle of entrepreneurship in agglomerations and a vicious cycle of dependence in the periphery (GEM, 2009).
As someone who lived on the intersections of racism and homophobia, Kuromiya criticized both the exclusion of people of color by the predominantly white and middle-class homophile movement as well as the homophobic slurs of activists of color such as the Black Panthers.
Not only there is support for this hypothesis about socialization, which attributes a relatively passive role to the adolescent, but rather it has also been demonstrated that following a psychological homophile model, adolescents also play an active role when seeking out and selecting these colleagues who fulfill their own profile or the profile they want to have (Curran, Stice, & Chassin, 1997).
6) Second, Toronto being home to key gay community institutions such as the Community Homophile Association of Toronto (CHAT), the Coalition for Gay Rights in Ontario (CGRO), the BP, etc.
The worst homophobia in the Catholic Church comes from homophile priests, who are desperately fighting their own sexuality," he said.
The church also served as the venue for lesbian and gay dances put on by the Community Homophile Association (CHAT) in the early 1970 (94)--yet another community in which some draft resisters would become active participants.
The Mattachine Society was founded there, and it became the organizational home of the homophile movement (1953-1969).