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the relation between two words that are spelled the same way but differ in meaning or the relation between two words that are pronounced the same way but differ in meaning

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I have presented the option as one that preserves human as synonymous, but it might be argued that its synonymy is compromised inasmuch as deliberation invites homonymy by allowing for qualitatively different kinds of deliberating.
between homonymy and polysemy is cognitive, following Cruse (2000).
3) While, as the focal issue of the present paper, the formal composition of puns will be handled in detail in section 3, it should be mentioned at this point that, concerned with the intersection of orthography and pronunciation, it rests on linguistic mechanisms encompassing homonymy, homophony, homography and paronymy.
Other articles concern themselves with matters such as priority ("precedence"), homonymy, synonymy, etc.
Ed Wolpow points out that there is certainly as much homonymy in English (and other languages) as there is in Danish ("Word Repetition in Danish" in the February issue).
In addition, homonymy of the article el and the masculine pronoun el and the feminine article la and the feminine regular direct object la makes the acquisition of this group of Spanish morphemes more difficult (Kvaal et al.
But, beyond that, homonymy seems to have been, even for Plato, no more than a source of ambiguity for wordplay.
As the narrator describes absence and its physical feeling, she states: "A new homonymy was born for them, through his voice or mine, without distinguishing: `My arm
In Romance languages the homonymy of craving and birthmark ("voglia" in Italian, "envie" in French, "antojo" in Spanish) points to a popular etymological link in turn based on the conviction that if a pregnant woman's craving goes unsatisfied it will translate itself into a colored spot on the unborn child's skin--metonymy of woman's desire (because causally contiguous with it) and metaphor of its object (because morphologically similar to it).
Is it perhaps the homonymy of "ministry," a term to which both routes can lead?
Of the only two distinctions Apollonius does appear to have made in the field of ambiguity, one was between homonymy and all other types of multiple signifying, the other, within the latter category, between grouping ambiguities and all others.
Because the isniids in several cases go back to companions of <Umar I, the ascriptions cannot be brushed off as mistakes caused by homonymy.
Therefore Bequaert (1935) did not use the name peruana when rejecting marginata due to homonymy, instead using albida, whose identity he regarded as "beyond dispute.
2006, Homonymy in the Uralic Two-Argument Agreement Paradigms, Helsinki (MSFOu 251).
This has also been used in an attempt to emulate the phenomena of homonymy and polysemy.