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of or related to or being homonyms


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of taking homonymic CIDs CID homonymic CIDs into account 5355130 3 99 8572 1 109 5371084 2 116 6448 10 234 17100 3 191 6549 2 197 22311 2 407 7585 2 111 107 1 215 5590 1 198 6623 1 204 2347 1 119 8343 1 182 7184 1 145 Fourteen of the 55 chemicals listed by Dodson et al.
Despite the widely used homonymic terms 'strategic competence,' we have to specify that strategic competence within communicative competence is not identical to strategic competence within professional translation competence-they do not coincide even partly because strategic competence as a component of communicative competence depends on the communicative goal regardless of the quality of communication and often prodded into action by an interlocutor unconsciously, while strategic competence as an integral part of professional translation competence implies translators' conscious activity in elaborating a strategy for each act of translation for the purpose of high-quality mediated communication.
A homonymic but possibly related word, which never had final -e and a double consonant, is first attested in 1805 in the meaning 'made-up story' (OED gag, n.
Castiglione approves of homonymic puns in recommending a courtier's generally mild jesting, as long as they suit social contexts and sublimate rather than accentuate aggressive feelings.
The main character, Cesar Lombroso (intentionally homonymic with the famous nineteenth-century criminologist), a baby then, is breastfed by his mother when he bites her, a bite which makes the sick woman bleed incessantly dying soon thereafter.
By 9 November, the paper launched a new feuilleton whose winkingly homonymic title, Le Cure de Mellecey, referenced a priest.
We are therefore not amiss to detect the shadow of Michel de Montaigne lurking behind the homonymic nomenclature of Hawthorne's title character.
Not even the Skriker's wildest homonymic explosions--"no mistake no mister no missed her no mist no miss no me no" (9)--are a match for some of Lacan's most famous riffs: jouissance, j'ouis-sens, jouis-sens, jouis-sans.
The Turkish name of the village, Gkerme-Kermentes, most probably derives from the homonymic place of origin of its inhabitants whose ancestors settled there in the sixteenth century having migrated from the other side of the Aegean (Savorianakis, 2000, 58).
If we consider the mental image as object in itself, it is self-referential (or may have a random reference if the initial relation with the agent is lost) and the notion recalls it in an homonymic way.
43) A knock-knock joke, after all, is a homonymic equivocation that plays upon what Smith calls the "perceptual" and "imaginative" hearing of the audience.
ANTANACLASIS: (1) punning repetition; (2) homonymic pun; (3) the use of one word (or phrase) in two senses, often contrasting, for comedy or "to drive a point home" (Frye et al.
Context will almost always overrule ambiguity, so apart from separating occasional homonymic pairs such as la tour 'tower, castle' and le tour 'ride, trip', le manche 'handle' and la manche 'sleeve', le mode 'method' and la mode 'fashion' and so on, noun genders arguably contribute very little to that aspect of French communication (see Weber, 1999.
Pencil, and the playfully homonymic Docteur Festus in the last year of his life.
Typing and typology blend in homonymic repetition; to represent is to reproduce, to reduce "honest thoughts" to mere manufacture.