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of or related to or being homonyms


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43) A knock-knock joke, after all, is a homonymic equivocation that plays upon what Smith calls the "perceptual" and "imaginative" hearing of the audience.
In fact, the separation occurs specifically in terms of a homonymic pun Trinculo makes that Caliban finds inappropriate, a jest whose consequence in The Tempest is precisely the effect in some courts that Castiglione lamented.
A homonymic but possibly related word, which never had final -e and a double consonant, is first attested in 1805 in the meaning 'made-up story' (OED gag, n.
True to its homonymic title, it is no less an exercise in New England regionalism than it is an exploration of the state of being of the personages that populate it.
Oculus had a very good day-as did one homonymic other.
7) The chimeric capacity to conjoin different bodies into one figures, among other things, Derrida's coinage of the portmanteau word animot, a complex pun or linguistic hybrid that joins the homonymic plural, les animaux, with questions of language, (mot), and thought itself.
Here is a standard homonymic euphemism for "dog son.
The prime number with which Mallarme was working, he believes, is seven, and the unique number 707--a hypothesis corroborated by several pieces of ingenious cryptogrammic reasoning, including the homonymic identity of the key word "si" (in the repeated phrase "com me si") with the seventh note in the sol-fa scale, and the discovery that two thematically related sonnets from the oeuvre contain, respectively, 70 and 77 words, while a third ("Sonneten - X") points, like the end of Coup de des, to the Septentrion constellation, named for its seven stars.
Typing and typology blend in homonymic repetition; to represent is to reproduce, to reduce "honest thoughts" to mere manufacture.
I knew I couldn't follow through on my threat to take the field and read from my collected works in a fake English accent as a homonymic nod to Andy Kaufman.
League puzzle in the May 1981 Enigma on the homonymic pair
The poem moves through the speaker's anxieties about "deferred gratification," those advocating cultural cliches--which he considers alternately theatrical (Bette Davis), metaphorical (the seed of corn becoming the ear), absurd (Samuel Greenberg), homonymic (William Morris/Million Worries), all reflecting either adjacency, the temporal, or fantasy.
Subsequent search efforts resulting from a broader Internet search encompassing the business press, practitioner journals, and magazines revealed that the term, "bootstrapping" (which has different meanings in different contexts; homonymic variations may apply to computing, statistical methods, and meanings other than that which pertained to our interest in bootstrapping business start-ups), is often commingled with numerous subjects in search results.
Yet the Signifyin(g) continues, for Tod is also making a homonymic pun (antanaclasis) on the word bit, evoking its alternate meaning as a restraining device.
De Queiroz's (2000) distinction between Linnaeus's nomenclature and his taxonomy as "a Linnaean system" and "the Linnaean system" is inadequate because it is homonymic, and all good nomenclators, be they traditionalists or phylogenetic, should reject homonyms.