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two words are homonyms if they are pronounced or spelled the same way but have different meanings

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Applying this knowledge to one of their discontinued campaigns for Samsung's 360 Omnidirectional Speakers, Homonym created a sonic identity for each of the four products and assigned their respective target markets: the R7, the most expensive one, is targeted toward artsy creative folks, ones who listen to songs such as 'The Way Young Lovers Do' by Van Morrison; the R6, to the romantic and outgoing, such bachelors and bachelorettes who listen to EMD music such as 'Around the Block feat.
For each new concept and its GSPAS parent, fetch the candidate parents, if a GSPAS parent is a homonym, it will return multiple candidates.
So begins a light-hearted, yet educational, romp through the concept of homonyms, which are words of identical spelling and pronounciation but different in meaning.
Conversely, it will be shown that another homonym of "chino" arose in Philippines as a synonym of Sangley, the Tagalog name of the merchants from Cathay (the Middle Kingdom).
Your name akin to raven (devour)--a homonym of an inhabitant.
You know me' is the perfect homonym for this unobtrusive, handle-less cup; the intermediate family member, with its smaller counterpart, guinomi, and larger sibling, chawan.
or that every one thing is a homonym after crowning.
In addition, the system must also be able to properly interpret homonym variants spoken by the user.
Beall (2008) also identified the homonym problem which he says "occurs in full-text searching when a single word or phrase has more than one meaning" (p.
the two primes have no more effect on the speed of identification of the word homonym than each of them individually.
Where, for instance, were the cartoony sculptures, often of cutely anthropomorphic felines--the artist's name being a homonym for ses chats, "his cats"--for which he is best known?
So, the synonym 'evening', the antonym 'day', the homonym 'knight', the anagram' thing', a synonym of a homonym' soldier' (for 'knight'), a homonym of an antonym 'dais', across phraseology and idiom 'silent', etc.
Homonym hemianopsia is the loss of left sided or right sided visual field as a consequence of specific lesions that affect the optic bandelettes, external genicular bodies, Gratiolet's optic radiations or the brain.
You cannot even use the Cultivar convention by using single quotes and starting with the name with a capital letter such as 'Punctatissima' because of homonym problems.