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two words are homonyms if they are pronounced or spelled the same way but have different meanings

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When we realize that this homonym of "you" is a tree with highly poisonous leaves often found in northern European graveyards, this word's association with death gives Daddy's pronouns an even more chilling effect.
We examined the homonym and the homograph and now we can highlight the heteronym.
So begins a light-hearted, yet educational, romp through the concept of homonyms, which are words of identical spelling and pronounciation but different in meaning.
The Knight Bus and hot drink quandary is explained as: "The Knight Bus was so-named because, firstly, knight is a homonym of night, and there are night buses running all over Britain after normal transport stops.
Ad homonym attacks, rhetoric, and posturing overshadowed substantive discussion on pressing problems.
The general usage of the homonym "chino," meaning Chinese, emerged in nineteenth-century Manila, Philippines as a synonym of Sangley, the name given to Chinese merchants.
You know me' is the perfect homonym for this unobtrusive, handle-less cup; the intermediate family member, with its smaller counterpart, guinomi, and larger sibling, chawan.
The number six is also considered to be a very auspicious number for the Mandarin Chinese because it is a homonym of the word for 'flowing' or 'smooth', whereas the number 14 is by far the most feared number, as the combination of the words 10 (shi) and four (si), can mean 'accident' or, when read separately, 'will die'.
In addition, the system must also be able to properly interpret homonym variants spoken by the user.
7) Dezeuze herself points toward a fortuitous homonym linking the 2009 George Clooney film Up in the Air, which follows the life of an inspirational speaker and hatchet man for deterritorialised capital whose weightless mobility charts a lifestyle of first-class airtravel and expensive hotels, and an identically named 2010 installation by American artist Tom Friedman which, she maintains, portrays the frivolity of contemporary symbolic capital without calling anything into question.
Where, for instance, were the cartoony sculptures, often of cutely anthropomorphic felines--the artist's name being a homonym for ses chats, "his cats"--for which he is best known?
If Wilson actually had intended to name a new species, as Stejneger explicitly stated that he did not, then Sylvia pinus Wilson simply becomes an unavailable junior homonym of Sylvia pinus Latham, in which case it would have to be replaced, presumably with Audubon's S.
You cannot even use the Cultivar convention by using single quotes and starting with the name with a capital letter such as 'Punctatissima' because of homonym problems.
Julie Ward picks up the thread of discussion with a focus on capacities or causal powers in her paper, 'Is Human a Homonym for Aristotle?