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the quality of being similar or corresponding in position or value or structure or function

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Homology during the comparison of Ropalida brevita species using 12S rRNA gene and Cytochrome oxidase 1 (Co1) showing their position in the homology tree was constructed, where it showing its position in subfamily Polistinae 93% on Co1, 77% on 12SrRNA locus with clear position of the genera Ropalidii from Polistes (Fig.
The research paper introduces homology and cohomology with real coefficients which reflect the metric properties of the underlying compact metric spaces, focusing on a category of pairs of compact metric spaces and Lipschitz maps where the pairs satisfy a linearly isoperimetric condition related to the solvability of the Plateau problem with partially free boundary.
The sequence of the fungus when blast searched with NCBI GenBank showed 99% homology with Tremella fuciformis (Fig.
There were five screening strains, in two clusters, that shared high genetic homology with each other.
In many ways, this is why the issue of offender homology and its relevance to criminal profiling is seen to be remarkably similar to the research endeavours of astronomers and the challenges facing space exploration.
Since the fundamental group of integral homology sphere admitting a co-oriented taut foliation is left-orderable [CD], we have the following result, which gives a supporting evidence for [BGW, Conjecture 1].
The objectives of the current study were three fold, (a) to compare sequence data of waxy gene among rice and maize genomes; (b) to study the homology modeling of waxy gene in rice and maize; (c) functional annotation and comparative genomic analysis of waxy gene.
Sequence alignment and phylogenetic analysis: The deduced sequence of the CP gene was used to study the homology of our isolate with already reported sequences of NCBI database.
The confrontation with immediacy, homology, or, as I have called it, fast analysis finds another name in this incredibly useful formulation of the problem by Fredric Jameson in a 1982 interview.
The Lefschetz fixed point theorem counts fixed points of a continuous mapping from a compact topological space X to itself via traces of the induced mappings on the homology groups of X.
Most genes of the virus we isolated are related to those of avian influenza viruses isolated in China, but the HA gene of A/waterfowl/Korea/S005/2014 (H5N8) showed only 97% homology to the closest HA gene in GenBank, which indicates that this gene may have been created in poultry in South Korea.
Although the actual mechanism of off-target effect is still unknown, it has been demonstrated that a partial sequence homology between siRNA and its unintended targets is one of the major contributing factors [8,18,21], It has been suggested that if an introduced siRNA has less than 3 mismatches with an unintended mRNA, it would likely knock down the expression of this mRNA in addition to its intended target which shares 100% sequence homology with this siRNA [11,15].
Thus computational biology tools, like homology modeling techniques have extensively been used to overcome these difficulties [24].
Triangulations of topological manifolds are examples of homology manifolds.