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make homologous

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At least some switchbacks and loops are consistent enough to homologize across theridiid genera (Agnarsson 2004).
The text homologizes what is read with the conditions that require that it is read and prefigure how it is to be read, the purpose within the text with the purpose outside the text, the effects in the world of literary figures with the effects in the world of humans.
Multitabbed online browsing, which homologizes a heterogeneous glut of data into an operational plane of experience, yielding noise (pop-up advertisements being the most obvious example) in tandem with informed content, might be one interface through which to effectively cohere Bader's "Images.
Predictably, in a world with no feelings, the camaraderie of street squadrism has been replaced by a deadly, elegant, almost transcendental mix of martial arts that homologizes individuals, as Wimmer is eager to communicate in his likening of humans to the impassible columns of the Museo.
SB 1, 6, 4, 13/18 even homologizes the moon with Vrtra.