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similar in evolutionary origin but not in function

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As "a ritual of cosmic maintenance that (1) repeats the cosmogony [namely, the primordial sacrifice], and (2) translates matter from the microcosm to the macrocosm via a system of homologic alloforms" (1986: 56), sacrifice inflicts suffering only to transmogrify it, transforming pain and bodily dismemberment into cosmic wholeness.
On the basis of homologic results of nucleotide sequences in the three case-patients and in virus isolates from animals in the same regions, we concluded that a reservoir for rabies in foxes is responsible for infection of all three humans.
Having read the translation from beginning to end, and having compared it throughout with the Sanskrit text, I agree that, as far as the PM is concerned, yajna and tirtha are remarkably "vereinigt"; there is, in the PM, "eine Verknupfung zwischen Opfer und Wallfahrt," and "eine Homologic zwischen Opfer und Wallfahrt" (p.