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two words are homographs if they are spelled the same way but differ in meaning (e

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But the homograph of fly meaning "insect" features crucially in the famous "fly-killing" scene--the addition perhaps written after the play was originally composed, and inserted, significantly, just prior to 4.
If the word, when altered from plural to singular form assumed homonymous homograph or homonymous perfect form, or even presented any kind of ambiguity, it was therefore excluded from the database.
Elghamry [27] proposed coordination-based semantic similarity for disambiguating polysemous and homograph nouns in Arabic, based on the assumption that nouns coordinating with an ambiguous noun provide bootstraps for disambiguation.
We examined the homonym and the homograph and now we can highlight the heteronym.
At seven letters, it is the longest Russian-English uppercase homograph, and also the longest such homograph which has the same meaning in both languages.
Trials were composed of primes, which were all homographs, and targets, which could be related to the more frequent dominant meaning of the homograph, the less frequent subordinate meaning or could be a pseudoword.
And since Melville's is not an oral tale, we might consider all the possible versions of the word, including the homograph wind, which denotes turning (as in a ship's course), bending curving, encircling, but also entangling by rhetoric, ensnaring through circumlocution.
Homographs: A homograph is a word that has several meanings.
And if that was not enough, there are plenty of instances of the adverb/conjunction "sa" (then/so, with various meanings), forming a whole web of variations; "sa" being a homograph of the past tense of "se".
Crutcher alleges that these harms include: injuries to the uterus, cervix, intestines/bowel, urinary tract, incomplete abortion or retained tissue, complications from anesthesia or other drugs, infection, hemorrhage, masking of ectopic pregnancy, misdiagnosis of fetal age, ignoring pre-existing conditions (sickle-cell anemia, obesity, asthma, high blood pressure), hysterectomy, heart failure, embolism, abscess, coma, incapacitation, amputation, aspirated vomitus, disease contraction, abortions on women who were not pregnant, failed abortion, unauthorized sterilization, unsought abortions, fetal homograph, psychological injury/suicide and disseminated intravascular coagulation.
Crossmodal semantic and homograph priming in healthy young, healthy old and in Alzheimer's disease individuals.
If students are having difficulty writing a homograph sentence, ask them to look up the words in a dictionary.
Consider the following fines included in his 1985 collection called Homograph, in which the Holocaust is a major theme: "I got up took a walk and left.
The modified homograph of Loch and Rosewell (1992) was expressed as:
Knife-edge diffraction loss is then determined from the homograph in Figure 4.