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all of the same or similar kind or nature

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3): Choice of frequency distribution for homogenous regions: After formulation of homogeneous regions, the next step was to choose the most robust frequency distribution for the homogenous regions.
a) From (16) we conclude that the deadweight loss per dollar tax revenue for the case of a rectangular demand distribution of non-homogenous consumers is greater than that of the case of identical homogenous consumers (i.
It can be shown that the coefficients of affine connection for the gravitational field exterior to a homogenous oblate spheroidal mass are given in terms of the metric tensors for the gravitational field as
In this section, we will extend the multihomogeneous Newton approach, or homogenous Jacobi-Davidson technique, to general polynomial eigenvalue problems.
Constitution were to protect the culturally homogenous states from external invasion by culturally different nations and to provide political clout for the regulation of trade with other nations.
The TC86 conical twin screw extruder is said to be the proven solution to high-volume, low-shear, homogenous melts, especially with problem materials.
01% by weight in homogenous materials for cadmium will be permitted in the manufacture of new EEE.
Gamio sought to put anthropology at the service of revolutionary state-formation, but as Dawson shows, his anthropology was hardly value-neutral insofar as he intended to suppress cultural difference in order to create a culturally homogenous nation.
Predictive modeling helps insurers define groups that are more homogenous for rating, underwriting and marketing.
The combined mixing approaches are said to produce a homogenous mix more gently and at lower temperatures than conventional container mixers with blades alone.
What it comes down to is this: An abstraction layer in a storage network can bring order to chaos, offering homogenous management control over heterogeneous resources.
In addition, these groups tended to be the most homogeneous with respect to self-oriented perfectionism and other-oriented perfectionism, and the least homogenous with respect to socially prescribed perfectionism.
Application: Pulp suspensions behave increasingly like a homogenous liquid as consistency is reduced.