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Synonyms for homogenize

Synonyms for homogenize

cause to become equal or homogeneous as by mixing

break up the fat globules of


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become homogeneous or similar, as by mixing

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Its line of Precellys homogenizers are hard-wearing, efficient, and ergonomic research tools initially designed for BSL-3 laboratories.
Omni offers the most diverse selection of homogenizers to process virtually any type of sample, including high-shear, rotor-stator, mortar and pestle, ultrasonic and bead mills.
The new homogenizer and high pres- sure pump "Michelangelo Series" can reach industrial productions up to 2500 lt/h.
The reversible homogenizer has a unique down-mode that is capable of drawing and wetting out floating powders as well as re-suspending any settled solids on the bottom of the mixing vessel.
The Niro Soavi NS2002H Twin Panda table-top laboratory/pilot plant homogenizer is ideal for feasibility testing and process development in the food, food ingredients, and dairy industries.
APV established itself as a leading innovator in the Food and Beverage industry with its invention of the homogenizer in 1899 and the plate and frame heat exchanger in 1923.
JPSA Laser's new Fly's Eye Beam Homogenizer converts the characteristically non-uniform beam of a UV Excimer laser into a homogeneous beam with 95% uniformity while utilizing >80% of the laser power.
The damage measurements were performed using a beamsplitter-based calibration system in which a spatially uniform beam from an ArF excimer laser is generated using a special beam homogenizer.
Bill Hanway has been named senior food technologist, responsible for operating the dairy pilot plant equipment -- a continuous barrel freezer and an UHT/HTST with homogenizer -- for making ice cream and other frozen desserts.
The suspension was then chopped into smaller particles with a high-speed homogenizer.
At targeted stages of development, embryos were frozen, rinsed twice in cold tank water, dissolved in 1 mL of TRI REAGENT, and transferred to a Dounce Homogenizer (Fisher Scientific, Pittsburgh, PA), previously washed with chloroform.
When fitted with a NanoValve, this same homogenizer ran at only l80bar and the milk fat globule size was reduced to 0.
Samples were simultaneously processed for culture following standard procedures: a suspension was obtained from a nasal swab, and the other samples were homogenized in sterile distilled water in a tissue homogenizer.
introduces the clean-in-place sanitary HC-5000: a new homogenizer with a unique combination of convenience and versatility.