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Synonyms for homogenize

Synonyms for homogenize

cause to become equal or homogeneous as by mixing

break up the fat globules of


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become homogeneous or similar, as by mixing

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In the homogenizer, the microfibril suspension is pumped into the nozzle through the inlet by a high pressure pump.
The Twin Panda homogenizer is a tabletop model designed for the laboratory/pilot plant needs of companies processing food and dairy products.
Samples were simultaneously processed for culture following standard procedures: a suspension was obtained from a nasal swab, and the other samples were homogenized in sterile distilled water in a tissue homogenizer.
introduces the clean-in-place sanitary HC-5000: a new homogenizer with a unique combination of convenience and versatility.
Limited Tenders are invited for Tissue Homogenizer And Heating Water Bath
The compact homogenizer is the perfect solution for the micronization of dairy products, fruit juices, liquid food, food additives and ingredients.
Switch to Silverson homogenizer and mix at 4,000 rpm until homogenous.
Features of the cream suite include: Mixing turbine with counter-rotating side sweep; recirculation with in-line homogenizer and in-line colloid mill options; steam and chilled water options; a vacuum-charging system; bottom-to-bottom transfers; low-pressure manufacture; calibrated load cells and display systems; side vessels piped directly into vessels with capabilities of 160, 350 and 1,400 liters; clean-in-place systems; and discharge into 1,000 kilograms food-grade pallecons or 200-liter poly-lined drums for transfer to filling lines.
The two emulsification devices deliver emulsions with different particle sizes: the stator for sizes larger than 1[micro]m and the homogenizer for even larger sizes.
Features include, a high-performance brushless motor which powers the mechanical homogenizer, a 130watt ultrasonic processor which delivers constant amplitude throughout processing all housed within a sound-abating endosure with LED interior fighting and a clear polycarbonate door providing users with a full view of the inside chamber.
The machine is equipped with a powerful homogenizer designed according to the rotor-stator principle.
degrees] C; homogenize in a high-pressure homogenizer (p1 150 bar/p2 50
The dose measurements are performed using a beam-splitter-based calibration system in which a spatially uniform beam from an argon-fluoride excimer laser is generated using a special beam homogenizer.
The PowerLyzer(TM) 24 homogenizer will enable researchers to prepare samples for analysis faster, minimize cross-contamination, and maintain sample integrity.
The investigators found that by using a high-pressure homogenizer, a ginseng emulsion can be processed down to the nanoscale, which significantly enhances its stability.