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formed by blending unlike elements especially by reducing one element to particles and dispersing them throughout another substance


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made homogeneous

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For extrusion (photo, top), the Xaloy Efficient barrier screw features a patented Xaloy Stratablend II mixer that provides homogenized melt temperatures for enhanced quality and productivity.
A truer representation of the independent spirit is just not easy to find in our corporate-run, homogenized, boring little world.
There's no question that this homogenized version of GLBT people is an image whose time has come.
These are particularly potent qualities in an increasingly homogenized and digital world.
Our children quite rightly reject writing that has been processed and homogenized by scores of textbook committees.
In a world that is becoming increasingly homogenized by the growth of the global economy, architecture offers one of the few opportunities of fostering identity, of giving people and communities a sense of rootedness in an ever-more confusing and disorienting culture.
After cooling to room temperature, the solids were further homogenized to produce a milky suspension, from which some further settling occurred.
The authors also denounce the emergence of a "chitlin circuit" on TV, in which the cable channels go after the black audience while the networks write them off and revert to shows featuring homogenized white casts.
Although we obtained more myelin RNA from samples homogenized in hypertonic sucrose, we worried that this RNA had higher levels of contaminating RNA than samples obtained from tissue homogenized in isoosmotic sucrose.
Laws in all countries are being homogenized, endangering strict health, environmental, and labor standards in countries that have them.
Finally, the success of this new identity and of the published work through which it was purveyed is seen usefully to disrupt the simplistic dichotomy between elite and popular culture, demanding a more complex model capable of recognizing not only the shifting and permeable border between elite and popular, but also the fractures within the field of popular culture itself that is too often simplified and homogenized.
For example, the acidified slurry is homogenized by recirculating it through a colloid mill to produce an aqueous (oil-in-water) emulsion or pourable dressing.
Answers([R]) do not offer the organization needed to make finding insight quick or easy, and reference sites such as Wikipedia([R]) offer one homogenized viewpoint that is only achieved through contributors overwriting one another.
Add phase F to the main batch, while homogenized mixing for 15 minutes while maintaining the temperature.
This allows each and every sample to be easily and effectively homogenized with a durable 316SS generator, and there is still a clean generator for the next sample.