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Synonyms for homogenize

Synonyms for homogenize

cause to become equal or homogeneous as by mixing

break up the fat globules of


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become homogeneous or similar, as by mixing

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Colloid mills mix, mill and homogenize in a single pass.
Does "information," itself a cultural form, also play the role of "convening authority," to the extent that it homogenizes distinct media into "plurimedia"?
Continuous blenders meter ingredients simultaneously and continuously in percentages by weight, without relying on mechanical mixing to homogenize the blend.
Although it would be dull to try to homogenize the variety of aesthetics in "The Power of Suggestion: Narrative and Notation in Contemporary Drawing" into anything like a movement, it's interesting to note that many of its most prepossessing artists live in LA, and that a funny, slant way of looking and an idiosyncratic investigation of mundane human activities and interests motivated much of the work.
phase A to phase B under vacuum and homogenize for 10 minutes.
To equalize, democratize, homogenize," Barthes writes, ".
The patent employs ISSYS' patented resonant microtube technology to handle, mix, homogenize, filter and ultrasonically lyse the small, nanoliter samples.
New Hi Intensity continuous mixers continuously blend, coat, agglomerate and homogenize powders, solid/liquid mixes, slurries and sticky materials.
Add Aerosil while mixing and homogenize 5-10 minutes.
It will mix any viscosity and completely homogenize and disperse in a short time.
The resulting hybrid ingests and homogenizes even the most difficult manure solids while taking less time and fuel.
The cutter/compactor is located between the single shaft shredder, while the extruder homogenizes, dries and densifies the material inside the shredder.
The second stage, with its own motor and gearbox, homogenizes the polymer and builds up pressure to pelletize.
An electrically charged ring between the pellet and the heated substrate, such as silicon or strontium titanate, and homogenizes their speeds to ensure a smooth layering, Narayan says.
The Anchor with scrapers provides continuous movement to viscous materials while the high speed head homogenizes and emulsifies small batches or minor ingredients.