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the act of making something homogeneous or uniform in composition

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The aim is to make homogenization rigorous in a very general setting, and as a byproduct to determine how the stochastic integrals in the SDE are to be interpreted.
On the other hand, I was fascinated by a statement by Isaac Julien, director of Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask (1996), that, with the homogenization of film by Hollywood and commercial pressure, one had to go to museums to see innovation in film language.
It is primarily used for polyolefin masterbatching, homogenization, and compounding rigid and flexible PVC.
Patent 6,037,456) for methods that allow homogenization of the plant materials in the process, permitting other broad, but different, methods of extraction.
Supplying the forming extruder with a pre-heated compound tends to slightly improve the product tolerances as only a part of the original homogenization power that has to be provided by the screw-type extruder is required.
Company offers a wide range of sanitary high shear mixing and dispersion equipment for fine emulsion and homogenization requirements.
Samir Amin and others have shown starkly how this is Eurocentrism at its worst--that is, it is a question of capitalism proposing and promoting a homogenization of the world that is structurally impossible to achieve.
The high degree of homogenization in the industry has also given rise to an environment in which the consumer chooses products based upon price alone.
The surface area is expanded by reducing the thickness of the layer, and excellent plastification and homogenization are achieved if this process is repeated a sufficient number of times.
On his signing with nothing, Matt Johnson stated, "In a music industry of increasing corporatization, homogenization and general awfulness it was a simple decision for me to choose nothing records.
The adjustability-feature (throttle) is utilized for these more difficult compounds by starting from an underplasticized condition with excessive output to arrive at a minimum plasticized temperature for the compounding concerned as the degree of homogenization required by the process.
TPE materials may be molded on plunger machines today, however, melt homogenization is much better utilizing reciprocating screw type machines.
First, a complete quantitative theory of stochastic homogenization of linear elliptic equations will be developed starting from results I recently obtained on the subject combining tools originally introduced for statistical physics, such as spectral gap and logarithmic Sobolev inequalities, with elliptic regularity theory.
In addition, different approaches based on the two step homogenization method [7] and the orientation averaging procedure [8] are proposed.
The MegaShear Ultra-High Shear Mixer is a patented inline rotor/stator designed for high-volume and high-throughput deag-glomeration, emulsification, and homogenization requirements.