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Synonyms for homogeneity

the quality of being similar or comparable in kind or nature

the quality of being of uniform throughout in composition or structure

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The RTS require that only those risk factor(s) which are relevant for determining the homogeneity of a specific pool of the underlying exposures, should be effectively applied to that particular pool.
The familistic management style which is typical of Japan accurately points to men with high homogeneity working for the same company, spending long hours working towards common goals, and eventually living a pseudo-family existence with each other.
The problems of feedstock homogeneity will be well recognised by plastic moulders," commented Mark Barton, MD of Barton Fabrications.
A vast structure like the Huge-LCG could violate the assumed homogeneity of the universe because it is such an outlier when compared to other structures in space.
OBJECTIVES: We sought to study the relationship between perception of skin condition and homogeneity of color/chromophore distribution.
For almost 20 years, the EEA has helped to ensure homogeneity and a level playing field between the EU and EEA EFTA Member States (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).
For real clinical applications of the microwave thermotherapy in general a very high level of homogeneity of a 3D temperature distribution obtained by aid of the discussed phase array applicators is strongly required.
For example, if individuals are averse to mixing and a proposal provides a public good such as a park which use implies sharing and mixing at the local level, then local homogeneity might matter.
Attension has introduced Theta QC, a portable contact angle meter for quality control measurements of paints, coatings and coating processes that enables quick s and scientific control of coating and substrate homogeneity, wettability, adhesion, surface-free energy and cleanliness.
The variability coefficient confirmed the lack of homogeneity of the initial group testing, and at the final testing it can be seen an average homogeneity in this group.
All the laser line generator lenses produced by Leading-Tech Laser are handcrafted and each lens must be individually checked for homogeneity of the intensity.
Accordingly, like Lee (1985) and Ezzamel, Mar-Molinero & Beecher (1987), we believe that firms' homogeneity will be evident in their financial statement similarities so we use accounting variables to measure industry-member homogeneity.
The objective of the present study is to overview the available scientific sources on the subject and, based on the findings of this overview, to systematize the factors contributing to the inhomogeneity of RAP and its increase and investigate experimentally the actual homogeneity of RAP milled in Lithuania by the way of estimating the statistic characteristics of RAP gradation, bitumen content and moisture content which determine the max content of RAP allowed for inclusion into HMA being recycled.
For shift invariant functionals it is the abscissa homogeneity property