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material that has been homogenized (especially tissue that has been ground and mixed)

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The independent t test performed over the results obtained for the liver homogenate indicated a significant reduction in the TAC of the irradiated groups when compared to their respective control groups with P values of <0.
And then 1 mL of the homogenate was centrifuged (32,000 g, 4[degrees]C, 5 min), 0.
Pools positive in the screening assay were confirmed by reextracting RNA from the original tick homogenate and performing the quantitative rRT-PCR with 2 primer/probe sets, primer/probe sets NP1 and PB1.
This study was to quantify the levels of 5-HT, 5-HT[sub]2AR, and SERT in serum, platelet, and brain homogenate to evaluate the effects of GFS on serotonin and its regulator (5-HT[sub]2AR, SERT) in the Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats with MI, depression, and MI + depression.
The amount of DCUN1D2 in adult rat sciatic nerve and brain homogenates was first compared by western blot analysis (Fig.
75 [micro]g adipocyte homogenate was applied directly to a nondenaturing 10% polyacrylamide gel.
A 3-fold dilution series was prepared from each of the triplicate swab and homogenate samples and then aliquots (100 pL) were plated in triplicate and spread evenly onto agar and incubated at 25[degrees]C for 48-72 h.
GSH level was estimated in kidney, testis, spleen and jejunum homogenates based on the reduction of Ellman's reagent (5, 5'dithiobis (2- nitrobenzoic acid) DTNB") with GSH to produce a yellow compound.
Control solutions were plain exhibit water, whereas treatment solutions contained either krill homogenate or aqueous DMS solution.
Further, SE was incubated with a freshly prepared tissue homogenate from purged small mouse intestine.
Briefly, a homogenate was prepared with one hundred and fifty flies in 990 [micro]L ice-cold Tris-sucrose buffer (0.
Total protein in the mice brain homogenate was estimated following the method of Lowry et al using bovine serum albumin (BSA) as standard [23].
In duodenal homogenate samples, pancreatic enzyme activity was determined for [alpha]-amylase, trypsin and the activity of lipase was determined in samples of pancreatic homogenate.
Excellagen is a flowable dermal matrix in the form of a physiologically formulated homogenate of purified bovine dermal collagen (Type I) in its native 3-dimensional fibrillar configuration, supplied as a sterile professional-use syringe-based product, and capable of providing a structural scaffold for cellular infiltration and wound granulation.