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of or concerning homosexual love

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Number of penises on display in Charles Leslie's mini bar; they are among more than 10,000 homoerotic pieces in the apartment of the Leslie-Lohman Museum co-founder
No mention is made of the homoerotic nature of the plot and as the recorder only felt "the greatest pleasure," and there was "public applause," it is unlikely that the opera was even slightly controversial.
Although much of his analysis, and especially his deconstruction of these tender relations between men, which challenges traditional notions about male homoerotic relations, especially in a military setting, as essentially sexual rather than affectionate, is fascinating, his thesis falls short.
The aim of the first was a curatorial outing of works in the museum's collection with homoerotic subjects--works, many of them deposited in storage rooms, whose sexual content, when exhibited, has been left to our imagination, if not deliberately obscured by museum labels.
In doing so, they provide a market-based forum in which to invite the reader toward subversively homoerotic, feminist themes.
For example, through a study of the insult literature, both Babayan and Lagrange examine the possibility of engendering a female or male same-sex identity, in the modern sense, through the ambiguity availed in the examined insult texts--what Lagrange refers to as the "denunciation-enunciation" literary technique of both denying and affirming a homoerotic identity based on gender preference and not on roles of the homosexual act (p.
Organized by the non-profit Artematica and curated by Eugenio Viola and Vitorio Sgrebi, the Minister of Culture for the Municipality of Milan and noted art critic in Italy, the show's focus was on homoerotic imagery since the invention of the camera.
Where past critics were often dubious about McKay's crossings over into unsuitable political and literary contact zones, scholars have generally refused even to follow his deviations into homoerotic no-man's land.
Bourne's next two pieces revealed his predilection for film noir--The Car Man, a weird and homoerotic mix of James M.
A panel will suggest new ways of reading Great Expectations, using gendered contemporary discourses of dementia to propose an understanding of Miss Havisham as menopausal, deploying theories of memory and nostalgia to explore childhood in the novel, and interrogating the text's various forms of bodily care, including homoerotic nursing.
Her weirdly homoerotic ``battle'' between Egyptians and Ethiopians is among the most embarrassing things ever to find its way onto the Chandler stage.
Gagnon can't resist using inflammatory-insulting language, phrases like, "those afflicted by homoerotic desires," "the pro homosex lobby," "two noncomplementary sexual sames," "negative moral behavior," "abomination.
I am not persuaded by her argument that it bore no relationship to cross dressing or the creation of a homoerotic culture that ultimately possessed what we would call "lesbian" elements, especially given Helen Horowitz's more subtle presentation of the matter in her pathbreaking Alma Mater, a study of architecture and social life at the elite eastern women's colleges in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
For most of the 20th century, the canon of writing by and about being black and gay in America may have seemed like scattered, uneven outbursts, whether it's the 1926 explicitly short story about cruising by Richard Bruce Nugent, "Smoke, Lillies, and Jade," of much later, the homoerotic themes in the work of novelist James Baldwin.
are] rejecting traditional conceptualizations of identity categories and re-interpreting their lives in innovative ways," he writes in an introduction to Chapter 10, "Re-Conceptualizing Contemporary Homoerotic Youth: Identity Resisters, Refusers, and the Ordinary.