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a practitioner of homeopathy


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I was amazed when the homoeopath started asking about my past medical background, but I thought I'd go with it.
Homoeoprophylaxis has critics among the medical profession, who often consider it an irresponsible choice when vaccination is available, nor is it universally accepted by homoeopaths.
Homoeopaths agree that to take medication while pregnant can be very dangerous to both mother and child.
My role as a homoeopath is to treat the whole person and help the body restore its natural balance.
I am also a homoeopath, and one of the characteristics that attracted me to it initially was that it was a modality that caused no harm.
After 10 years of problems, she saw homoeopath Ken Atherton after hearing about his work with a German diagnostic scanner.
Eczema may get worse if you self-treat so find a qualified homoeopath, by calling the Society of Homoeopaths on 01604-621400.
According to a press release issued here on Wednesday, in their actions during the last two days, the PHC teams had sealed 24 businesses which included 19general quacks, two homoeopaths and one each fake dentist, maternity home and bone-setter.
The PHC sources disclosed that the Commission's teams carried out surprise raids in different areas of the town and sealed 21 businesses which included 12 fake dentists, seven general quacks, and two homoeopaths.
During the last two days, the PHC teams had sealed 30 businesses which included 18 general quacks, four each homoeopaths and medical stores, two fake dentists, and one each hakeem and bone-setter.
When asked, homoeopaths say and teach that homoeopathy is the application of the law of similars, yet they often ignore that fact when prescribing, basing prescriptions on all sorts of other strategies--the constitution, sensation, essence, miasm or whatever.
This latest advancement in Homoeopathy is getting worldwide recognition, and the success rate of homoeopaths who use and apply this technique is exceptionally high, asserted Sankaran.
Solutions of medicines are chosen to treat the whole person unlike other systems, because homoeopaths believe the mind and body operate as one, and you cannot treat one part of the body without affecting the whole.
1 Of the proposed reforms, the sixth reform directly impacts on herbalists, naturopaths, homoeopaths and nutritionists.