homing device

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the mechanism in a guided missile that guides it toward its objective

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But chlorotoxin acts like a homing device, binding only to cancer-causing cells.
Peptides or protein incorporated on the surface act like a homing device and steer the liposome to the target site.
LoJack - which allows law enforcement agencies to electronically track stolen vehicles equipped with the homing device - is making its way to Ventura County, which means the company's network will cover all of Southern California, said John Raber, general manager of LoJack of California.
Then Thorpe attached a homing device, an antibody that recognizes a substance found only inside the tumor's blood vessels.
Most recently, in experimental attempts to eradicate tumors with monoclonals, anti-CEA antibody has been used as a homing device for cancer cell cytotoxic agents.