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Synonyms for homiletical

of the nature of a homily or sermon


of or relating to homiletics


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Not only is the homiletical form that he employs thoroughly different from that of, say, the arid, essay-type sermons of eighteenth-century Britain; it is also a form that anticipates the involvement of the congregation.
Rabbi Harold Kushner, the author of Why Bad Things happen to Good People, and the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, the supreme halachic body of Conservative Judaism, apply Torah ideas and rituals respectively to contemporary times in the homiletical commentary.
What they need, Whitfield concludes in a remarkably polemical, even homiletical closing chapter, is some ol' time religion.
As a result, many have advanced little since their ordination in homiletical inspiration.
In the interest of encouraging homiletical engagement with Scripture outside the four evangelists, the bulk of this issue focuses on non-gospel texts that play significant roles at points during Year B.
The two major lines of Jewish exegesis are peshat--the plain meaning, and derash--the homiletical interpretation.
According to the grammar of the position Pius provides, two points must be made: (1) A translated canon token may (and in the case of the Vulgate does) possess full authority as the word of the Lord for the Church's liturgical, homiletical, catechetical, and doctrine-developing purposes; that is, it may be--to use my language--a version rather than a (mere) rendering.
44) In the area of homiletics, for instance, Christian Stablein has researched the cultural memory of the Shoah and its resonance in Protestant Sunday sermons and homiletical theory, (45) while Alexander Deeg has comparatively studied the Jewish Derashah and the Sunday sermon, its Christian equivalent.
Sanders, Paul, the Law, and the Jewish People (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1983), who explains (123-35) what he takes to be contradictions in this part of Romans by suggesting that "in Romans 1:18-2:29 Paul takes over to an unusual degree homiletical material from Diaspora Judaism, that he alters it in only insubstantial ways, and that consequently the treatment of the law in chapter 2 cannot be harmonized with any of the diverse things which Paul says about the law elsewhere" (123).
It might be that what he calls the "radically ad hoc" (835) approach to preaching in the modern era stems, at least in part, from the fact that the elimination of a magisterial authority in the Reformation broke a homiletical continuity that extended back through the early fathers.
of Calgary) suggests that the Babylonian sages were using discourses that had originated in Israel as rhetorical sermons, but they were academics with no tradition of homiletical preaching and so dropped all the rhetorical conventions and treated the discourses as simple exegesis.
The entries combine information and insight in ways that satisfy mind and heart, while at the same time stimulating homiletical inclinations.
In a striking homiletical flight, Rabbi Soloveitchik takes this positioning as symbolic of the public role of the Patriarch and the private role of the Matriarch.
A preacher by gift and vocation, his thinking was structured by a homiletical order that also expressed his systematic bent.