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Synonyms for homiletic

of the nature of a homily or sermon


of or relating to homiletics


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Hancock (homiletics and worship, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary) presents a study of Karl Barth's "Exercises in Sermon Preparation" from the early 1930s, when he was teaching homiletics at the University of Bonn.
Although, for example, Marilynn Robinson's Gilead is narrated by an homilist meditating on theology and homiletic (and often quoting from his own and others' sermons), it is not, because of its literary treatment of its theological and Christian pastoral themes, a homiletic novel.
But Jackson is not a social or cultural historian, so it would be unfortunate if scholars of American religion dismissed his work merely because he does not adequately prove the links he draws between social reform and homiletic literature.
Rashi's homiletic explanation is, as is customary with Rashi, based on a much earlier midrashic source.
Ignatius Press is also the publisher of Catholic World Report and Homiletic & Pastoral Review magazines.
Although by the last quarter of the century hazans and rabbis were expected to preach regularly, contemporary homiletic conventions and the strictures imposed by nervous synagogue boards (discussed at length in chapter one) sapped these sermons of much that might otherwise be of historical interest.
Though rejected in many Lutheran territories, and rejected at the Genevan Academy, Ramism proved appealing in Basel because it could be taught to future ministers easily, and could be applied to exegetical, homiletic, and polemical tasks.
New Hampshire and editor of Connections, a newsletter of preaching and homiletic resources.
It is from a reflexive perspective that a divergent Philemon homiletic manifests, one that recognizes Paul's act of letter writing as praxis.
He betrays instead a tendentious impulse to reassure, as the folowing lines from various poems indicate with homiletic devotion.
After an introduction which sets out the agenda and reviews previous work, Dalrymple contextualizes the functions of pious formulae in medieval romance by examining their use in contemporary discourses (devotional, hagiographic, homiletic, dramatic).
Before considering how homiletic rhetoric influenced Milton, Lares thinks it important to consider Milton's biography as it relates to his early intention to become a minister.
Taylor's sermons use modern homiletic theory as well as styles of the African-American and nineteenth-century backgrounds.
Kissinger is plainly bewildered by these developments: He cannot abide the notion that the homiletic Reagan could dispense with foreign policy theories and come out on top.
At the same time, no serious study of Philo can disregard the fact that his preferred medium was homiletic hermeneutics; the literary form of most of his writings was biblical exegesis, whether symbolic, allegorical, or literal, and he used this form to relay hortatory, expository, remonstrative, and didactic messages.