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Synonyms for homicide

Synonyms for homicide

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the killing of a human being by another human being

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At first glance, this trend appears to contradict the "two trends" finding from the homicide and assault data.
Of all homicides, more than 50 percent of the victims knew their assailants; 47 percent of homicides are caused by arguments, whereas only 15 percent occur during the commission of another crime (Prothrow-Stith, 1990).
Most family homicides involve one spouse killing the other, usually fueled by male attempts to control female sexual and reproductive behavior, the researchers report in the Oct.
Expanded Homicide Data Table 2--"Murder Victims by Age, Sex, and Race, 2012"
The very first homicide case he investigated involved a young boy who accidentally shot his brother with their father's gun.
Municipal law enforcers made arrests in 61 percent of Chicago homicide cases.
Since March 12, 2003, three volunteers, with past law enforcement and investigative-related experience and currently retired or working in other fields, have brought many skills, opinions, and perspectives to the work that supplement those of the seasoned homicide investigators.
A total of 129 homicides were family-related in 2000, 15 fewer than in 1999 and substantially fewer than the peak of 202 in 1991.
Kellermann also participated in CDC-funded research that simplistically compared homicide rates in Seattle and Vancouver, attributing the difference to Canada's stricter gun laws.
First, the people often fear and downplay occasional aggressive outbursts, and second, even a few murders committed from year to year can translate into a high overall homicide rate.
The devastation homicide inflicts on black teens and adults is a national crisis, yet it is all too often ignored outside of affected communities," VPC asserted,
Deputy Chief Michel Moore, the Valley's top cop, said the Valley's additional homicide stood out as a percentage increase because other parts of the city were far more violent to begin with.
With the NCAVC's assistance, a 20-year-old cold case homicide investigation in the Southwest was solved in 2000.
Hatch is also concerned that the "cops on the dots" policing will not keep down the homicide rate in the long run.