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oriented toward home


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Originally a staging area for incoming troops, by war's end it was filled with homeward-bound GIs, not all of whom were recovered POWs.
But, determined for the Welsh to leave with a taste of Scotland, Edinburgh-based haggis maker Macsween were handing out free samples to homeward-bound Welsh fans at the airport.
A sunshine holiday ended in disaster when three elderly women plunged to the ground while boarding a homeward-bound flight to Newcastle.
Homeward-bound Soldiers greatly assisted the SDDC movements.
The unit's last deployment, which was scheduled to end in January 2003, was extended until May when its homeward-bound aircraft carrier was ordered to turn around near Australia.
25 Years Ago Thousands of homeward-bound motorists were stranded in traffic jams yesterday when a triple peril forced police to close the Aston Expressway.
Yet the homeward-bound USS Lincoln had to be slowed, even repositioned, to insure an azure background for the presidential photo-op.
The winter of 1918-19, after the Armistice that had stopped the slaughter of World War I, saw the American troops homeward-bound in every ship available, but the Canadians at Kinmel Park, Bodelwyddan, near St Asaph, remained and as the weeks went by became restive.
HOMEWARD-BOUND toff Tim's eviction percentage was sold down with Sporting yesterday after opening at an
He is scheduled to make a stop at Novosibirsk in western Siberia on his homeward-bound 10,000-kilometer train journey after a three-week trip for a one-day summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The eighteenth century witnessed an increase in this practice by homeward-bound naus from Goa, and even occasionally those originating in Macao.
The homeward-bound Americans stand at attention on the deck as 2 tug boats steadily pull it away.
Homeward-bound Brits also faced havoc at Spanish airports.
On the day of their departure, homeward-bound UK passengers can have their luggage picked up and their boarding passes delivered right in their hotel lobby.
Indonenia's state-owned oil and gas company PT Pertamina has announced that when the exodus of Raman-Eid homeward-bound travelers nears its peak on Saturday, August 3, subsidized gasoline consumption would grow by up to 30 percent.