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someone who settles lawfully on government land with the intent to acquire title to it

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However, the list of shotguns that a homesteader needs to gather food is relatively short.
The author is a successful self-taught modern homesteader, writer, and self-sufficiency expert who presents extensively on topics including soap making, bread baking, cheese making, composting and homeschooling.
Left: Nathan Burke with Willamalane Park and Recreation District uses a wet soil mixture to fill in the spaces between logs on this replica of William and Eliza Masterson's Springfield homesteader cabin.
IF RAFAEL NADAL was a movie character, he would be the headstrong son of an Apache chief on a lone mission to scalp a family of unsuspecting homesteaders.
3) The Homesteader is just such a story of conquest, of transforming wild and savage land into civilized productive farmland.
But the beautiful thing about being countryside, about being a homesteader, is that there are so many different ways to be one.
Sweet corn is one of the smelliest staples a homesteader can plant, and a nice-sized patch of it would go a long way in helping a bear to fatten up during harvest season.
Ruby Blume is an artist and former radical puppeteer who is also a mostly self-taught homesteader.
She leaves difficult work as a laundress in Denver to a new path as a homesteader in Wyoming.
While scholarly work did change hands, many of the festival attendees attempted to produce what I might call "Our Micheaux," a celebration of the Turnerian homesteader who gallantly strode across the prairies, turning the land, and helping to bring civilization to the South Dakota frontier.
A true homesteader is a steward of the resources they have, someone who is not attempting to be the "master of their domain," but finding their place in the balance of caring for and working with the environment they find themselves in.
OFTEN TIMES, SOLAR POWER is viewed as a desired, yet unaffordable option to the farmer and homesteader.
Long gone are the land grabs and tree claims, but the modern homesteader, fueled by a belief in the new American Dream, continues to search for that elusive good life.
Joe Redington, a plainspoken homesteader who was the chief organizer of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in its early days, died of cancer of the esophagus at his home in Knik, Alaska.