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educate (one's children) at home instead of sending (them) to a school

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With homeschooling, Mendoza noted a parent can modify or individualize education that aims to harness a child's talent.
is the most important question to ask in the learning sphere, said Edric, who is the president of Homeschool Global (HG), and who defines homeschooling as "parent-led home based instruction.
Our goal is for homeschoolers across the country to speak in a loud, unified voice, reaching Americans who may not know that homeschooling is a feasible option and encouraging more families to educate their children at home," Bortins said.
Homeschooling defined by Brian Ray is "education for children and youth.
An increasing number of UAE parents are homeschooling their children as it is a more affordable option for them.
But Coleman heard a lot of stories over the years about homeschooling experiences that were not so positive.
One can understand how the other parent, no matter how self-secure, could lament this situation, pondering whether the homeschooling parent is gaining an unfair emotional advantage, bonding with the children, and disproportionately influencing their lives and values.
He pointed to all the options homeschooling families have, including home-education co-ops created by parents to join forces, free and paid tutoring services, mentorships, classes at local libraries, "everything imaginable.
But homeschooling allows that to still happen [for us],' Edric told the Inquirer in an interview.
Homeschooling has become a growing trend worldwide and many Bahamians have decided to home-school their children.
If the parents, who will be homeschooling their children, are certified in at least one thing that they have worked in and it's a speciality that they succeeded in, then they have the beginnings of what to offer their children.
Picasso Contest will enable children, homeschooling and otherwise, to participate in a fun activity while cultivating their interest in art.
Thirty years ago, the relationships between homeschooling families and local school administrators were often hostile.
Homeschooling has supported our wholesome perspective in a simple way: it has not squelched our inborn curiosity and eagerness.
Home Is Where the School Is: The Logic of Homeschooling and the Emotional Labor of Mothering