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a classroom in which all students in a particular grade (or in a division of a grade) meet at certain times under the supervision of a teacher who takes attendance and does other administrative business


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Charles high schools haven't had them in many years, and Geneva replaced the dated homeroom model five years ago with something called PLC.
According to the Communist Party Secretary at the school, private talk was a must in homeroom teacher's work.
Duval said Lawrence claimed she was asked to take the homeroom attendance count to the office.
A German homeroom teacher added: "They're surprisingly fast.
My science teacher came running in and said there had been an accident in the neighborhood, and we should all report to our homerooms.
My deep-felt gratitude goes to Professor Isoji Otani, the vice principal of Koka Junior High, Professor Saori Shirai, the homeroom teacher who assisted SW's taiken nyugaku, and Ms.
Researches homeroom, counselor, and class schedule information for students who will be traveling to forensic competition next week.
The principal read the letter to every Eagle Valley homeroom class.
Every morning, 20 minutes before homeroom, students stop by the "grab-and-go" cart set up outside the principal's office for bagels, muffins, fruit and even cereal to eat at their desks.
As you might expect, styling and final tuning are carried out in the regions, and the homeroom is not the only place where engineering takes place on a platform.
The homeroom with the most steps won personal radios for each student.
Ben Shemen's ingenious design called for each child to have close relations with four adults: a homeroom teacher who served as the main educator; a "house mother" who oversaw the dormitories; a youth leader with whom students hung out after school hours; and the farm foreman under whom the children worked each day.
One representative from each homeroom signed the declaration in a gesture of unanimous frustration with the proposed cuts.
The first section dealt with attitudes toward school and toward the homeroom teacher.
In seventh grade, I was in a homeroom that was considered one of the better homerooms academically.