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the port from which a ship originates of where it is registered

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Homeporting a carrier in Mayport best supports the Navy's mission and safeguards our nation's security needs.
Homeporting a CVN at NAVSTA Mayport reduces risks to fleet resources in the event of natural disaster, manmade calamity, or attack by foreign nations or terrorists.
China's naval modernization raises potential issues for Congress concerning the role of China in Department of Defense and Navy planning; the size of the Navy; the Pacific Fleet's share of the Navy; forward homeporting in the Western Pacific; the number of aircraft carriers, submarines, and ASW platforms; Navy missile defense, air-warfare, AAW, ASW, and mine warfare programs; Navy computer network security; and EMP hardening.
Task orders will include projects such as homeporting of ships, new construction, renovation, base realignment and closure actions, proposed operational actions and demolitions.
5136), GAO was directed to develop an independent estimate of the total federal costs for the proposed homeporting.
GAO's independent cost estimate suggests that the total one-time cost of homeporting a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier at Naval Station Mayport is expected to be between $258.
showcased its all-American pride and passion for cheese by saluting nearly 8,000 crew, family and friends of the USS Ronald Reagan with four Sargento cheese-themed activities during the ship's July 23, 2004, Homeporting at the North Island Naval Station in Coronado, Calif.
The Navy subsequently prepared an environmental impact statement to evaluate a broad range of strategic home port and dispersal options for Atlantic Fleet surface ships in Mayport and on January 14, 2009, issued its decision to pursue an option that would include the first-time homeporting of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier at Mayport.
USS Ronald Reagan crew and their families and friends received a patriotic pier-side Homeporting welcome with the following four Sargento "All-American" cheese activities (from 7 a.