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someone who owns a home

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courts and could recover damages from a stateside homeowner or his insurance company, said John McAvoy, an attorney who has represented tree cutters in Lancaster and Pasadena.
Ingrid Beckles vice president of default asset management for Freddie Mac, says counseling agencies can help potential homeowners understand property taxes and homeowner's insurance before they buy.
First Hallmark Mortgage Corporation has created a program to help homeowners pay off municipal tax liens through mortgage refinancing, announced Bruno Viscariello, president of First Hallmark.
Contrast that with a situation in which a home is sealed up before the homeowner leaves for vacation, and moisture trapped in the home causes mold to proliferate.
Author and Montana homeowner Richard Manning says of the protective steps taken on his land, "I didn't really take them to curb the danger of fire as much as I was interested in restoration ecology.
Homeowners who claim an itemized deduction for interest paid on an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) and who receive a refund from their mortgage companies in a following year for an earlier interest overcharge must include the refund in income for the year of the refund.
Moreover, a homeowner might be ineligible even for that one-time election if his or her spouse elected the exclusion previously, either singly or jointly with a prior spouse.
One consideration is the possibility that the homeowner might sell the property before the mortgage maturity date, thus reducing the total (and present value) of expected future interest savings.
The housing industry argues that the homeowner tax break is the linchpin of the American dream.
In a move that will help thousands more families become homeowners each year, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo has announced that HUD has begun insuring larger home mortgage loans across the country - up to nearly $220,000 in some area for single-family homes.
BCB Technologies' lifestyle management tool for owners of multiple homes, or any homeowner, Home Concierge, enables homeowners to organize and manage all homes, appointments, activities and information from a secure, personalized Website, giving homeowners access to their information anytime and from anywhere, to simplify their life.
An NFIP study conducted by the Rand Corporation notes that only 1% of homeowners living outside high-risk flood hazard areas, and only 49% of all United States single-family homes in these hazard areas, purchase flood insurance.
Shanna Smith of the NFHA recalls one example in Akron, Ohio, of a black homeowner with a $45,000 home and a white homeowner with a $50,000 home.
Managed by the company's Homeowner Services Group, American Water's full array of service line protection programs include a Water Line Protection Program (WLPP), Sewer Line Protection Program (SLPP) and In-Home Plumbing Emergency Protection Program (IHPP).
When a domestic employee walks through the door for the first time, the household becomes a place of employment, and the homeowner becomes an employer who can be held liable for obscene, discriminatory or offensive conduct.