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a practitioner of homeopathy

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Actually, the observation that coffee antidotes homeopathic medicines is not universally accepted amongst homeopaths.
The Society of Homeopaths said there was nothing in the adverts that put people off seeking medical help.
As a homeopath, you would treat patients based on their lifestyle and emotional issues, as well as physical symptoms.
Homeopaths also believe that the greater the dilution of the medicine, the more potent the potion, and so ingredients are mixed in tiny amounts with water or alcohol.
It is the aim of many complementary bodies to become regulated and one of the objectives of the National Health Council of which homeopaths, naturopaths, medical herbalists--to name a few--are affiliated members.
Homeopaths theorise -and it is unproven -that the original molecules 'imprint' themselves on the water molecules, thereby transmitting their healing powers.
History books talk about Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab showering valuable rewards on a German homeopath who treated him for the paralysis of vocal chords and odema.
How can you say that homeopaths don't have any knowledge of medicine?
And on Saturday Carol Haggie, a member of theat home Society of Homeopaths who practises in Durham, will give a talk about homeopathy.
Homeopaths see symptoms as a sign that the body is attacking an illness and use remedies which encourage this response to help the healing process.
A recent symposium on the role of homeopathy in HIV was a particular cause for concern, leading to fears that homeopaths may be becoming overconfident about what they can treat.
It's estimated around 30 million people in Europe visit homeopaths and in the UK the therapy has had high-profile supporters including the Queen, Sir Paul McCartney, Jude Law and David Beckham.
The show will include workshops and demonstrations from more than 50 leading local and national complementary health and holistic practitioners - from herbalists and homeopaths to psychics, astrologers and healers.