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a method of treating disease with small amounts of remedies that, in large amounts in healthy people, produce symptoms similar to those being treated



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He had found that when a concentrated dose of a natural substance causes symptoms of illness in a healthy person, that same substance, after being prepared homeopathically, will cure an ill person with those same symptoms.
This "methodology of emancipation" functions "to develop the kinds of oppositional powers that are analogous to but at the same time homeopathically resistant to postmodern transnationalization, along with peoples who are skilled enough to wield those powers," she writes.
2) He explained quite clearly why, contrary to all common sense, a young wine challenged with oxygen behaves homeopathically, increasing its reductive strength.
Communism stood not only for cold and fear, but also for a prolonged drought of true stories: truth was dribbled homeopathically into certain molds from which it had to be extracted carefully, like drops of a strong essence in soft flasks.
When an organic cow becomes sick our farmers are encouraged to treat it homeopathically first and only use antibiotics as a last resort.
I live organically, homeopathically, grow food indoors and outdoors, have animals around--two cats, many outdoor wild friends--distill my own water, grow sprouts, make my own nut milks, cook from scratch, knit, sew, and recently returned to analogue music (what joy
And with its subdued, cod-Oriental landscapes, it represents an almost homeopathically diluted and naturalised form of the Chinese martial arts fashion that was revived in Hollywood with the arrival of Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in 2000.
48) A substance that has been diluted and succussed according to the detailed instructions in the ORGANON is known as a homeopathic remedy, although any substance diluted or not can be used homeopathically or--according to the law of similars--to treat disease.
While the farm isn't big enough to make organic status worthwhile, the goats are fed on locally grown, high-quality hay, and are treated homeopathically where possible.
Because the tuning forks are calibrated specifically to the planets' frequencies, the respective organ, meridian, or emotional pattern governed by that planet will become homeopathically attuned to it.
It is a liminal no man's land where survival is, homeopathically speaking, both the utmost problem and the utmost relief.
What helped James was a homeopathically prepared biochemical remedy called New Era Combination H.
Treating people homeopathically takes time, at least a two-hour consultation with the patient to establish their states mentally, physically and emotionally.
expected Harlem to play homeopathically, meeting like with like,