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a practitioner of homeopathy

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The eight health provider categories were combined into three groups of private dispensary/hospital, private dispensary/hospital combined with public dispensary/hospital and RHC/BHC, and the final category combining RHC/BHC, hakeem/herbalist, homeopath, chemist/pharmacy, and other.
We have always made a point of clearly differentiating between self treatment and the care of a homeopath.
On the contrary, a homeopath is generally looking for the remedy that is the "similimum," or the exactly correct homeopathic remedy for each patient.
So the homeopath looks at your symptoms, but also talks to you about your mental, physical and emotional health.
I embrace it as a way of life, I visit my homeopath every few months and use a whole host of remedies.
As a homeopath, you would treat patients based on their lifestyle and emotional issues, as well as physical symptoms.
During the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871), Melanie Hahnemann arranged to have all of Hahnemann's papers, including the manuscript for the sixth edition of the Organon, moved to the home of her son-in-law, the homeopath Karl von Bonninghausen, in Westphalia.
of Exeter, UK), a homeopath who lectures on the history of alchemy, introduces spagyrics as a branch of medicinal alchemy that enhances the healing energies of plants.
For instance, a Pharmaca pharmacist working with a diabetic patient will team with a naturopath and homeopath or dietitian to come up with a regimen incorporating both natural and conventional medicine.
And if you find any forwarded chain mails do delete it but don't critise any homeopath.
The homeopath selects a remedy, gives the dog a single dose, and instructs the owner to wait, watch, and report back.
Ms Ashworth, a qualified homeopath and Mr Crooks, who worked in direct marketing, moved to Leamington from Bristol to set-up the store after getting approval to run a franchise.
Diana Osbourne is a traditionally-trained homeopath who lives and practices in Hot Springs, NC.