homeobox gene

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one of various similar homeotic genes that are involved in bodily segmentation during embryonic development


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Such factors include the homeobox genes MsxJ/2, Pax3/7, and Dlx3/5, as well as Zic zinc finger transcriptional regulators.
These include members of the otx, emx, dlx, Hox classes of homeobox genes, as well as homologs of the fork head/HNF-3 class of winged helix genes.
Is there a common theme for LIM homeobox gene function in C.
A conserved retinoic acid response element required for early expression of the homeobox gene Hox b-1.
EgHbx2 has been referred to as an NK type homeobox, but this assignment is not supported by a recent homeobox gene tree (Burglin, 1994).
Chicken homeobox gene Msx-1: structure, expression in limb buds and effect of retinoic acid.
The sonic hedgehog, homeobox gene Pdx1, and Notch signaling systems are effective in the development of the pancreas (43, 44).
Homeobox protein (NOBOX)--the newborn ovary homeobox gene is an oocyte--is a specific expressed gene with an essential role in folliculogenesis and so one of the candidate genes for PPOI(28).
For this reason, the evolutionary history of Hox, ParaFlox, EHGbox, and NK homeobox gene families could be crucial to understand the evolution of molluscan body plans and phylogeny.
2010) TDIF peptide signaling regulates vascular stem cell proliferation via the wox4 homeobox gene in Arabidopsis.
The mutations identified in most familial and some sporadic cases are in the homeobox gene, HLXB9, now called MNX1 gene at chromosome 7q36 [4,5].
An important role in genesis of Schizencephaly is mutation in homeobox gene EMX2, a gene coding for transcription factor involved in expression of the gene.