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the management of a household

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By equating resettlement with the exploitative system of slavery, his critique highlighted the potential for resettlement to (re)produce the systemic inequalities of centuries of transnational entanglements of homemaking and pointed to the limits of this solution.
The contract will provide for the delivery of In-Home Respite care, Homemaking, Personal Care, Companionship, and Chore services in the homes of the elderly and/or disabled citizens of Monroe County who have been assessed and referred by the Monroe County Social Services Department.
Amidst the rapid demographic changes in the American family and workforce, the nature and very definition of homemaking also has transformed," said Liza Mundy, director of the New America's Breadwinning and Caregiving Program.
Strung throughout the book are a series of biblical interludes on the themes of home, homemaking, covenant, and empire that constitute a book within the book--a miniature biblical theology.
US homemaking expert Martha Stewart is reportedly writing a book for aspiring entrepreneurs, with advice on how to start your own business.
The dirge of human mutability, limits, and loss turns hymnal in the last stories, with their celebratory gestures of homecoming and homemaking.
COULD you and your partner be a DIY homemaking team?
Chapters address how to set realistic educational goals, keep high school credits, train homemaking skills, guide young people into careers, and more.
Her business focuses on providing nursing, personal support, homemaking and physiotherapy assistance to patients in their homes.
Since 1997, CCACS have been obtaining nursing, medical supplies and equipment, personal support and homemaking, and therapy services using a competitive selection process.
The verdict could send her to prison and cripple her homemaking empire.
Last night's verdict could send her to prison and cripple the homemaking empire built around her vision of gracious living.
Workingmen should keep to their honorabl e social post as workers, able bodied breadwinners nurtured by wives and mothers dedicated to the craft of homemaking.
When Kerr wrote about homemaking, childrearing, and writing (and that sometimes thorny point in the Venn diagram where all three intersect), she always sounded like a smart, funny woman who was enjoying herself enormously.