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a fellow male member of a youth gang

a male friend from your neighborhood or hometown

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The donation was made in support of Homeboy Industries, a Los Angeles organization that helps high-risk, formerly gang-involved men and women change their lives.
Inspector Iain Murray, who travelled to LA on a fact-finding mission, said: "By removing tattoos, Homeboy free people from their past.
Connections had to reach 6,000 guineas to keep Homeboy at the auction and Tregoning added: "He's not the easiest at home but he's a fun horse.
It had taken Homeboy three seasons and 27 starts to finally get off the mark in a similar event on Tuesday's card, and it was rather uncharacteristic of trainer Marcus Tregoning to send one out again so quickly.
It's nice to be back," said Turner, who when discussing Homeboy added: "He was running away with me.
Homeboy is the first documentary of its kind to explore such a culturally taboo topic.
It turned out that he was able to become a productive citizen, law-abiding member of the community, father and husband and a mentor at Homeboy Industries to the younger "homies" trying to imagine their futures instead of planning their funerals.
Through Homeboy Industries, the Jesuit priest offers employment, training, counseling and tattoo removal free of charge to anyone wanting to exit gang life.
Since then, the cafe has moved and is now an official part of the Homeboy Industries nonprofit.
When they decide to leave gang life, they come to Boyle, known as "G," and to Homeboy Industries for job training, education, career placement, tattoo removal, and counseling.
The gang-intervention model of Homeboy Industries, which is an umbrella organization for numerous spin-off businesses as well as an array of social services, is worthy of a book itself--but this isn't it.
Essex boy Jamie also turns homeboy and meets some of the locals in an area notorious for gangs, drugs and violence in a what is a bit of a change from the usual cooking show.
Homeboy Industries, a Los Angeles nonprofit that helps people with criminal pasts find employment, is joining forces with the East Los Angeles Skills Center to offer solar panel installation instruction to parolees, according to The Wall Street Journal.
Father Gregory Boyle, the charismatic priest who has never met a troubled kid he didn't want to help, joined city leaders and plenty of homeboys and homegirls Tuesday at the grand opening of Homeboy Industries' new downtown center.
Retail guru Mary is in Doncaster to lend a hand to Catherine Taylor, who owns Homeboy - a shop that sells clothes for both men and women.