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Freshley s 7 Grain Cookies feature rough cut whole gains for a home-style texture and are topped with a chocolate drizzle.
The TLC Kitchen's home-style meal gifts are chef-prepared in a USDA-approved kitchen.
Shoney's signature Legendary Breakfast Buffet[R] will feature southern-style breakfast choices like fresh cracked eggs your way, hickory smoked bacon, savory sausage, home-style grits, fresh pancakes, pastries, and much more.
The home-style range is called Kitchen Express and consists of Indian Express, her vegetarian range, Maryam's, her non-veg halal range and her beverage range, Rani, all available exclusively in select Tesco stores and online.
Back in 1948, Marie Callender put love and care into every meal she made, using only the finest ingredients for her home-style recipes," says the box.
Judges cited its best design practice as the architectural expression--through the exterior scale of the commons--of the facility's quality of home-style living.
Allied's Randy Zimring notes that many assisted living developers in his region opt to provide a common laundry area with three or four home-style washers and dryers and allow the residents to use them for free--and end up sorry they did so.
After the little-known Chicago-based family restaurant chain successfully completed a $38 million initial public offering in November 1993, it set off on a breakneck pace, targeting a previously underdeveloped niche--the Home-style Meal Replacement Category (HMRC).
Guests are cared for like family while relaxing and enjoying real home-style food and shopping that's surprisingly unique, genuinely fun and reminiscent of America's country heritageOall at a fair price.
65 chicken pie and other home-style platters will be off the menu permanently.
It is surprisingly good, especially with the barbecued pork option, and a simple, pacifying rendition of home-style bean curd ($6.
Now, charging stations allow electric vehicle owners to recharge their car batteries while enjoying a Cracker Barrel home-style meal in the restaurant or doing a little shopping in the retail store.
79) and home-style sides of macaroni and cheese, baked beans, roasted potatoes, coleslaw and potato salad available in 1/2 cup size (99 cents) or pint size ($2.
The idea was proposed by Sue Carswell, her editor, who said, ``I always read that Dorothy would send him pies, and I thought that anyone who would do that must be a great home-style cooker.