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self-government in local matters by a city or county that is part of a national government

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Confirming Alvin Jackson's contention that Home Rule was more about image than substance, this single-minded concentration on the possibilities of the bill looked back into the past through the lens of history and forward to the future at one and the same time.
Westminster's failure to respond to reasonable Home Rule demands led to the 1916 Easter Rising.
He asked the local officials to email him by May 9 the top three to five issues they would like to see in a home rule petition.
DETAILS: DC democracy advocates along with elected leaders, will protest the latest assault on Home Rule.
The Irish Nationalist Party of Home Rule movement formed by Butt began a long political campaign led later by Parnell and John Redmond.
Selborne made clear that while he would meet Home Rule with "a blank negative," he would not sit idly by and allow corrupt and disloyal Irish politicians to decide the fate of the British empire nor "let our Ulster friends think for a moment that we are going to palter the question.
In conventional English, "I'll trade you the whole kit for a home rule,"
Since the legislature also specifically stated that the home rule authority of local governments to adopt ordinances and impose fees is not limited by the designation of a TCEA, does this statement create the ambiguity that would trigger a more extensive judicial examination of legislative intent?
Biagini's earlier work includes a book on Gladstone and an analysis of British liberalism and radicals between 1860 and 1880, and this book builds on that foundation, situating Gladstone and British radicals in the larger landscape of liberalism and questioning the dominant narrative of Home Rule politics.
The Crown's relationship with Ireland after the Act of Union necessarily involves political and religious developments after 1800: Catholic Emancipation, the Famine, the growth of Irish nationalism, Gladstone and the move for Home Rule, the Tory policy of killing that same Home Rule movement through social and economic advancement, the Great War, the 1916 rebellion, the Second World War, the proclamation of the Republic and the establishment of Northern Ireland and finally, 'the troubles'.
In the mid-eighties the Chamber was integral in the Home Rule Charter process that established the county executive form of government in Wayne County.
Tory leader Lord Salisbury sanctioned the Fenian's famed Jubilee Plot to assassinate the Queen at Westminster Abbey so he could claim that Parnell was involved and have his Home Rule party thrown out of parliament.
Spitzer hasn't really addressed rent regulation, Mitchell-Lama, the Urstadt Law or home rule.
Throughout the 1950s there were demands for home rule in Wales and when Edwards died in 1970 Labour had yet to hold its first referendum on devolution.
To be sure, the question of Irish Home Rule added to the tensions inside Britain, and the suffrage controversy divided Britons on an issue with both political and emotional overtones.