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self-government in local matters by a city or county that is part of a national government

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And, I ask all East Dundee residents to vote to keep home rule.
the start of the twenty-first century, will Home Rule once again take
Home rule in a federal Britain is a cause that has long been championed by the Liberal Democrats.
Confirming Alvin Jackson's contention that Home Rule was more about image than substance, this single-minded concentration on the possibilities of the bill looked back into the past through the lens of history and forward to the future at one and the same time.
Westminster's failure to respond to reasonable Home Rule demands led to the 1916 Easter Rising.
Scottish Labour have a vision of home rule for Scotland without putting at risk the money there is to spend on schools and hospitals or the UK pensions system that so many Scots rely on.
Home rule for England based on the favoured Tory option of only English MPs voting on English issues would be like moving the chairs on the Titanic.
Last year's decision by the Court of Appeals in the HAIL Act case reflects the continued weakness of the state constitutional guarantee of home rule by New York City as interpreted by the courts.
Households were considered to have a smokefree home rule if all adult respondents aged [less than or equal to] 18 years in the household reported that no one was allowed to smoke anywhere inside the home at any time.
As executive secretary of the Legislative Interim Committee on Local Government in 1956, I prepared the plan that became the county home rule constitutional amendment adopted by the people in 1958.
The SS Clyde Valley was bought by unionists and used to land around 20,000 rifles from Imperial Germany at Larne, Co Antrim, as the original Ulster Volunteer Force prepared to resist home rule.
Two were related to Ireland, namely disestablishment of the Church of Ireland in 1868 and the Home Rule bill of 1886.
The Irish Parliamentary Party and the Third Home Rule crisis.
They were written by leading radical Liberal politicians during the turmoil over Irish Home Rule which caused a split in the Liberal Party and the creation of a Liberal Unionist movement.