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There's something hugely poignant about a grainy black-and-white home movie.
Once they'd been digitised, the producers returned the films to their owners and recorded them watching their old home movies for the first time in years.
The BBC wanted to show examples of the earliest home movie footage but almost 100 years ago, only the rich could afford cine cameras.
Rascaroli, Young, and Monahan discuss the phenomenon of amateur film, beginning with a theoretical treatment of home movies as reflections of familial archetypes, historical conditions, and as archival sources.
Daqqa said, and part of that passion is not to create a standard home movie.
Crowe Tweeted: "On June 3rd I'll be at Durham University chatting with young actors in the morning and screening a home movie in the evening for members.
Butlins director Richard Bates said: "Millions of hours of home movies have been shot at the resorts over the years and we are hoping to find as many of these priceless memories as possible.
The result will be broadcast in Home Movie Roadshow on Friday.
Summary: A never-seen-before home movie of President John F Kennedy has been released showing him arriving at Dallas airport on the day he died
His agent comes across a home movie Reeves shot which finds the aging actor unconvincingly (and halfheartedly) performing some wrestling moves in an effort to convince a would-be employer that he could tour with a wrestling freak show.
The Northern Region Film and Television Archive (NRFTA) at the University of Teesside is screening a selection of films on Home Movie Day on Saturday, August 12.
Imprint (16 mm, 14 minutes, 1997) visits similar territory, this time focusing on home movie images of her family house that are relentlessly examined and manipulated.
The first series uncovered hours of classic home movie footage revealing 75 years of life in Northern Ireland through the eyes of the people who have lived here.
IF you've any old home movie footage stashed away in the attic at home then the producers of a BBC Northern Ireland series want to hear from you.
With a DVD-R drive and Studio DV, the MyMovieSTUDIO Presario 7000 Series is the ultimate system for home movie makers.