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a person hired to help in another's home (especially one employed by a local authority to help the infirm with domestic work)

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The jury was told Mr Walshaw was elderly and in poor health when Frost first became his home help in 2009 while working for an agency.
Instead we have private agency companies, employing temporary home helps, who have no rights, pensions etc.
The home help collected a stamp each week when collecting the pension.
Her passenger and fellow home help Ann Riddick, 52, was injured and airlifted to hospital.
My home help is all about keeping the place tidy, making the bed, making me some food.
But they will no longer qualify for full-scale home help services.
KING Rat conman Steve McKenzie is claiming to be a disabled person - to get free meals on wheels and a home help.
Respite workers provide short periods of relief to primary caregivers, which can involve both home help and personal care services.
From child-minding to washing-up to running "errands," these higher expectations of home help not only narrowed girls' personal freedom but also sabotaged the formal equality of educational provision.
Contract award: the acquisition of apprenticeship training jEnrjestetettEnvEnn for home help and cleaning services at undergraduate and graduate business premises guardian~s knowledge-based sector including the training of theoretical training and skills examinations.
Huddersfield home help Theresa Frost and her husband Paul have been found guilty of fleecing a pensioner.
That means the bill for the past seven years has hit [euro]102million and would pay for the home help cuts 10 times over.
HOME help for elderly and disabled people will be provided by the private sector as a local authority struggles to make savings.
PENSIONERS and disabled people are being offered a free home help service.
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