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person of exceptional holiness

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See also Byron Sherwin's Workers of Wonders; in this work on the Jewish tradition, Rabbi Sherwin states: "The most 'successful' holy persons have been and remain today those who are believed to have the power to perform miracles" (Byron L.
She must be a holy person," Contactmusic quoted teenager Emiliana Shikongo as saying in a new Life and Style magazine expose.
The local holy person was made through the combined forces of tradition, the colony, audience, and the self in the give and take between conservative notions of sanctity and local demands, and in the lived relationships that allowed Catherine to become an example for others.
A relic is part of the physical remains of a holy person after their death or an object which has been in contact with their body.
ACCORDING to the Catholic Church in England and Wales: "A relic is either part of the physical remains of a holy person after his or her death, or an object which has been in contact with his or her body.
Christianity generally recognizes a saint as a holy person who has lived a divine life.
On his appointment, O'Brien said: "I've got to be a good holy person, better than ever before to give a good example to all my people in the country.
A SAINT is a holy person and there are many days in the Christian calendar dedicated to particular saints from Christian history.
What we are witnessing is the promulgation of the most wicked and corrupt suggestions against the Holy Person of our Lord Jesus Christ and against God himself made known as Father.
The medal around your neck or on your key ring both shows your love for the holy person depicted and makes that love concrete.
Catholic doctrine (then recently reemphasized at Trent) specifies that reverence is given to the image merely as the prototype of the holy person, not to the image itself.
In other words, a Catholic saint is not so much a holy person as a person declared "holy" by the pope after exploration of a reputation that arises among the saint's adherents.
We don't admit to our sins because the holy person is here," he explains.
Evil choice would be given no consideration in the conscience of the holy person.
A holy person is a member of the church, but the unholy one is not considered a member of the church at all.