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handwritten book or document

the intermediate photograph (or photographic record) that contains information for reproducing a three-dimensional image by holography

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The first holograph sonnet reproduced below echoes, along with the passion in both of the typescript sonnets, the sense of limited time and personal desperation evident in the sonnet reproduced directly above.
As already noted, in the holograph version of the score, Feldman marks the first measure with an asterisk and specifies that the combination of quarter rest and eighth rest "is equal to a triplet figure.
And finally in "Bibliography of Poem Sources" appears a subsection giving information about original and subsequent publications, where holograph copies are available (if they are), and occasionally other information.
Perhaps most significantly Nick's last name--Adams--appears in both Scribner's volumes but nowhere in either Hemingway's holograph or partial typescript: it is a mis-transcription of Hemingway's changing his protagonist's first name from Nicholas to Allan to Wemedge and then to Nick (Folder 725, p.
This quire forms a part of the holograph fair copy of Ibn Tulun's al-Qala'id al-jawhariyya fi ta'rikh al-Salihiyya (Jewelled Necklaces: On the History of al-Salihiyya), a topography of the Damascene suburb where he was born.
He was joined on stage for the most part by Liam Neeson as the Journalist, or a holograph of him, which cleverly interacted with the live actors.
Being able to visit the Louvre or the British Museum from your living room, even in holograph form, will surely enrich your life and enhance your appreciation of art and culture.
From fragments of the poet's skull that belonged to Edward John Trelawney to the holograph of "A Philosophical View of Reform," from Harriet Shelley's gold, turquoise, and diamond engagement ring to Percy's gold and coral baby rattle, the objects and manuscripts on display can, indeed, not only elicit our hushed awe but also incite our further reflection on the poet, the literary family, and their legacy.
They performed wall-to-wall hits from 10 to 20 years ago with a pile of guests: Eminem and 50 Cent; Wiz Khalifa as rap's present; the Los Angeles rapper Kendrick Lamar as its future; and, as its past, a full-body holograph of Tupac Shakur, digitally pacing the stage and appearing to ask Coachella what was up.
Taking school gear to a new level, OfficeMax is featuring products with unique designs and embellishments, including Marvel and DC Comics characters, binders with holograph patterns, rhinestone pens and animal print erasers.
Although the publisher describes this appealing book as a paperback, it boasts a sturdy cover and a striking holograph on the front.
I have several holograph letters from 1837 to 1843 from a member of the family in Pisa to his father in Jarrow, a minister of religion.
One of the most incontrovertible pieces of evidences against O'Shea's claim that Cater was released from vows is a holograph in the archives of the Sisters of Charity in Ireland.
Fans of poet Isabella Valancy Crawford, in particular, will be grateful for the publication of "A Rose in His Grace" from a holograph manuscript.
Not counting a holograph note on his Queen Mab: Neville Rogers, ed.