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handwritten book or document

the intermediate photograph (or photographic record) that contains information for reproducing a three-dimensional image by holography

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The notebook's first page carries the holograph inscription in Wilson's typically artistic hand: 'Alex Wilson, July 8th.
There are more than 550 manuscripts and holographs (original and photocopy); many scores bear only incidental markings but others include extensive markings.
as evidence for second dialect acquisition, code-switching (debatable, according to how one characterises the Scots-English distinction), or from a sociolinguistic perspective as holograph evidence for an early Tudor woman's language (of which we have relatively little compared with the period before and after Margaret's lifetime--see Nevalainen and Raumolin-Brunberg 2003:46-8).
And finally in "Bibliography of Poem Sources" appears a subsection giving information about original and subsequent publications, where holograph copies are available (if they are), and occasionally other information.
Melanie signed and dated the note, known as a holograph, or written will, on January 20, 2012.
In the holograph at Kennedy, this entire passage--and this passage alone in the 40-page manuscript--has been deleted by Hemingway.
He was joined on stage for the most part by Liam Neeson as the Journalist, or a holograph of him, which cleverly interacted with the live actors.
Being able to visit the Louvre or the British Museum from your living room, even in holograph form, will surely enrich your life and enhance your appreciation of art and culture.
VR headset manufacturer Vuzix recently unveiled the Vuzix M2000AR HMD smartglass, which was developed using Waveguide optics and Nokia's holograph AR system.
I have several holograph letters from 1837 to 1843 from a member of the family in Pisa to his father in Jarrow, a minister of religion.
Although the publisher describes this appealing book as a paperback, it boasts a sturdy cover and a striking holograph on the front.
Talma also sent out reproductions of her holograph manuscripts to prospective performers, conductors, and awards and grant committees and these may be found in some library collections.
His holograph diaries document the weather and the daily tedium of blockade duty.
In the papers of Borden's husband Major-General Sir Edward Spears in the Churchill Archives at Cambridge University, there is a cache of previously unpublished, mostly holograph, sonnets written by Borden to Spears during their wartime love affair.
The collections also include holograph and typescript manuscripts, artwork, photographs, audio recordings, promotional materials, ephemera, and other types of records and personal papers.