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Holly and Dan Baldwin took the payment from their firm Roxy Media, Companies House documents show.
Holly, 36, who o760, D 190,0 accou Holly and Dan Baldwin took the they run together, Companies House documents owns 80% of the shares, will get PS760,000, leaving Dan with PS190,000.
Holly Franks recently celebrated her tenth year working at Pinnacle Medical Solutions, a Mississippi-based company that sells diabetes devices and supplies to patients.
Holly Hibbott, 17, won first place in the 400 metres free style at the competition in Sheffield, knocking two seconds off her own time and earning herself a new personal best.
When Holly Christensen discovered her friend's little girl had lymphoma cancer, she was devastated.
Most of us simply think of holly as a beautiful shrub with glossy green leaves, pristine white flowers and brilliant red berries, and we often associate it with the Christmas season.
Miniature standard holly trees are ideal for the space conscious modern gardener.
22 -- The Huawei Honor Holly fits the price that Huawei asks, but with the Redmi 1S and Moto E in contention, it needed to be better.
WORKERS came from far and wide to create a garden perfect for openheart patient Holly Jones.
LEABURG - Legend says the ancient Romans believed holly planted near a home could ward off lightning strikes and witchcraft.
Miss New Zealand Holly Cassidy is all set to represent her country at the Miss Universe pageant scheduled for November 9.
LITTLE Holly Jones's life changed forever when she suffered several strokes after her third bout of open heart surgery.
WELSH conservationists are warning revellers that using too much holly around the house could leave wildlife out in the cold this winter.