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Synonyms for holy

Synonyms for holy

of, from, like, or being a god or God

in the service or worship of God or a god

regarded with particular reverence or respect

deeply concerned with God and the beliefs and practice of religion

Synonyms for holy

a sacred place of pilgrimage

belonging to or derived from or associated with a divine power

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Holier placed every nickel of his latest SRB into a retirement fund.
He may wave the hand or holier to distract the shooter, but he cannot leave his feet or make a serious attempt to block the shot.
Environmental reporters have a sense of being holier than thou.
Bee The Holier Than Thou studio in the city centre took minimum donations of PS40 to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, but many paid up to PS100.
Hey, we're all sinners here and we can all cooperate in the work but not from a place where somebody else is saying, 'I'm better than you, I'm holier than you.
We should be recognised by our actions - not holier than though, but holier than once we were.
I get the impression that Shekhar Kapur's agenda in this film is to tell us that perhaps we should not be too holier than thou about the religious divisions of other countries when the legacy of our own is still with us.
Now they have been let off the hook, their present holier than thou attitude is just sickening.
If this is the New Politics, so vaunted by our holier than thou Liberal Democrat brethren, give me honesty, integrity and transparency any day.
The Midwest is a lot holier than the South, according to a geographical survey of sin.
It is difficult not to be holier than thou when you see how many dysfunctional female celebrities have found happy relationships almost impossible.
When I see do- gooder's like the BBC pretending to be holier than thou so they can get a story it pisses me off.
If we wish to see a holier Church, we must ourselves set out to fast more frequently, to pray more fervently, to tithe more generously, to live more faithfully.
Not only do they go their own way, sacrificing to idols, seeking oracles from the dead, disobeying the laws, but they hold themselves to be even holier than the One who longs for them (v.