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allowing passage in and out


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A single 90-nanometer IBM CMOS transceiver IC with 24 receiver and 24 transmitter circuits becomes a Holey Optochip with the fabrication of forty-eight through-silicon holes, or "optical vias" one for each transmitter and receiver channel.
Ibn Holey said that these countries' support for the Arab revolutions should be translated into participating in developing their economies and accelerating the wheel of production and development.
By demonstrating unparalleled levels of performance, the Holey Optochip illustrates that high-speed, low-power interconnects are feasible in the near term and optical is the only transmission medium that can stay ahead of the accelerating global demand for broadband.
Others conferences for honour and prestige of Holey Prophet (PBUH) in Jehlum and Dera Ismael Khan held and hundreds of Muslims participated in the conferences to show their devotion and love for the prestige of Holy Prophet besides showing their outbursts and anger against the blasphemers.
And he vacuumed my whole house this morning - holey moley
Some of them are really keen to get back and get stuck in," said Holey.
I think it was four summers ago that Crocs became the favoured seaside holiday footwear - those rubber, holey, slightly structured shoes with toes wide enough to accommodate a G fitting, that came in any colour and size the Creator of the Universe could imagine.
Every Saturday me and two of my mates would get off the bus and head for the arcade, once there we were met by the Jabba The Hutesque arcade proprietor with a dirty holey vest and 3 teeth.
This book is a serious competitor to Holey and Cook's 'Evidence-Based Therapeutic Massage', however, and will be very useful addition to the undergraduate student's arsenal.
Hurry, though--the Mint has slapped a 5,000-unit limit on this coin, just in case you had $4 million burning a hole in your already holey pockets.
The stalk has at least as much medicinal value as the leaves, so cut as far down the stem as you can-while still getting the fresh, green leaves rather than the holey, brown ones at the base of the plant.
If acid and grease get on your parka, they will leave it spotted and holey.
But surprisingly, the winner isn't arch rival Jodie Marsh who has got the art of transforming two holey belts into a suitable going out outfit down to a tee.
Was it that I didn't really need any new T-shirts, that she was just trying to confiscate a few of the more holey ones for dust rags?
Two teams try to fill the two different holey garbage cans with rain water.