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a jail in a courthouse where accused persons can be confined during a trial

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Police moved Flores to a holding cell without a toilet, where they said he then urinated on the wall and set off an alarm.
That leaves hundreds caged for months as they await trial in police holding cells designed for stints of hours or at most days.
Chong was not suspected in any drug activity, yet four and a half days after the raid he was still alone in the 5-foot by 10-foot holding cell with his hands cuffed behind his back.
Prosecutor Elizabeth Bell said the defendant had to be put in a holding cell in the parking bay area of Wrexham police station, due to overcrowding.
Once a custody sergeant is free, prisoners will be taken from their holding cell and made to stand on the bright yellow "search square", where cameras give officers a 360-degree view of the suspect while they are searched and hand over their property.
She is raped repeatedly on the days she is taken on shopping trips to buy neccessities for the other women in the same holding cell.
Frey said Jacobs punched him in January 2004 while being escorted to a holding cell to do legal research.
But stick to the ones who only put you in an overnight holding cell.
This brings to mind an incident involving my mother, who, arrested many years ago for blocking the doors to an abortion "clinic," was hanging out in a holding cell with a bunch of other scofflaws.
On October 26, 2002, Nicholas Monahan, a film industry accountant in Los Angeles, was arrested and detained for an hour in a holding cell at Portland International Airport for protesting the unnecessary molestation of his wife--at the time seven and a half months pregnant with the couple's first child--by a TSA screener.
But he refused to leave the holding cell where he had been brought from Swansea Jail where he was on remand claiming through gestures that he was unable to speak.
After the subject was placed in a holding cell, Trooper King noticed that the man had become quiet and lethargic, and his breathing, was slow and laborious.
Arnold Markowitz, the paper's chief Miami-Dade crime writer, was arrested while covering the escape of a Jamaican man who had broken out of a holding cell at the airport on Jan.
Police have launched a manhunt for one of two detainees who escaped a police holding cell in Sablayan town in Occidental Mindoro province.