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For longer-term production without reseeding, best forage candidates are mostly perennials, including Flecha tall fescue, hardinggrass (Perla koleagrass, Holdfast, Advanced AT) or Berber orchardgrass, as a mix or a monoculture.
The area contains abundant fossils, including ancient corals and trilobites, but only recently did anyone discover that these particular rock samples also contained the crinoid holdfasts.
Holdfast aggregation in relation to morphology, age, attachment and drag for the kelp Ecklonia radiata.
A ship caught and dragged the cable in a gale but Holdfast was easily able to locate it.
It differs, however, in that the gonads are not situated in the hindbody and the holdfast organ is not situated immediately posterior to the end of the forebody.
It is possible that the ability to change color and morphology, and similarity to its holdfast, may increase crypsis effectiveness.
BOWLS: Scotland took another seven wins from 10 matches in the second day of the Six Nations Test Series at the Holdfast Bay club in Adelaide.
The initial sample consisted of Brisbane, Holdfast Bay and Melbourne, in Australia, Kingston and North Bay, in Canada, Mataro, Mostoles and San Cugat, in Spain, Austin, Charlotte, Chula Vista, Fairfax County, Maricopa, Milwaukee, Multnomah County, San Jose, Scottsdale and Tucson, in the USA, Plymouth, in the UK and Gothenburg, Tierp, Norrtalje and Lulea, in Sweden.
It is what one might call kerbside appeal that drew Ann Humphries and her husband Dick to Holdfast Post, located in a village on the Worcestershire/Gloustershire borders.
The kit includes a bis g metal mug, camouflage stick, green groundsheet, haversack, mega mallet, 10m rope, 10 holdfast tent pegs, tent peg bag, tough tarpaulin and complete instructions on how to build the perfect den.
The holdfast is discoid, conical or rhizoidal and do no penetrate the substratum.
Widow Betty, of Bristol, began her career at Holdfast Bootmaker's in Kingswood as an office junior.
For management purposes, harvesting by cutting from portions of the frond rather than uprooting/trawling of the entire kelp is more ecologically friendly as the epiphytes and holdfast fauna attached to the plants are not lost.