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a capacious bag or basket

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He confessed there was cannabis in his loft, but when officers searched the roof space they found two holdalls containing other drugs.
After he was released on bail he returned to Billingham and he went back to the police station with another holdall which he handed to officers.
Worryingly, one in five said they would happily chew a piece of gum they found loose in the bottom of their holdall, unaware of the hygiene horrors.
He eventually walked into the flat's bathroom, noticing a bulging red North Face holdall in the bath with the zips padlocked together.
MEALY-MOUTHED Piece of pasta EYES SCREWED SHUT Old metal plate rusts in peace and scooter with eyes on the road CRACK A SMILE Split chestnut and fish in coat zip BAGGY-EYED Cheery holdall BLUE WHALE Trolley queue WARM AUGHS Brazier ROOM WITH A VIEW Building with eyes and nose WINGS OF STEEL Hinge.
When police forced entry to her silver Nissan car, which was parked near the former family home in Heathfield, they found the children's bodies in two large holdalls.
When police forced entry to her silver Nissan car, which was parked near the former family home in Heathfield, East Sussex, they found the bodies of Harry and Elise in two large holdalls in the boot.
The men went to a coin store and filled holdalls with cash, but the bags became too heavy and they left penniless.
Sephora shoppers will receive a super-stylish black splash-proof travel holdall complete with mini samples of evolu products, when they buy this summer's must-have holiday item, an evolu six-in-one minikit.
Paul Blasbery, prosecuting, said when interviewed by police, O'Keeffe said he was given two holdalls by a person who he was unwilling to name.
He said: "We made an area search of the compound and as a result within a metal cabinet at the rear of one of the buildings found two black holdalls.
Det Gda Conor Kiely said he rebagged the cash from six holdalls and a Dunnes Stores bag into Garda evidence bags in the February 2005 search.
The warning follows a spate of incidents in the Vale where men have called on residents offering products for sale from large holdalls they are carrying with them.
Wright, of Ladyloan Avenue, Drumchapel, Glasgow, took two black holdalls into the unit before backing his car up to the entrance.
We know they are kitted out with a rod, reel, line and other basics by birthdays, Christmas and other gifts, but angling luggage - a trade term for rod holdalls, carryalls and other goodies - usually takes hard saving and more time to buy.