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resist or withstand wear, criticism, etc.

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Stone or terracotta pots - or even a sturdy half-barrel tub lined with plastic or otherwise sealed - will hold water plants.
Natural schemes have been suggested, such as "rewilding" the uplands, planting trees, blocking drains, removing sheep and even reintroducing beavers to build dams, to hold water higher up and prevent floods on lower ground.
They were too small to push through the cohesive forces that hold water molecules together and were trapped below the surface.
He said that Ahmed's case does not hold water, and even the CMC's legal expert is convinced that the Council is in the right.
Once again I'm afraid that it looks good, but when you get down to the basics it just doesn't, if you'll pardon the pun, hold water.
For example, you could add clay to hold water if you live in a hot climate or sand to increase drainage if you get a lot of precipitation.
There is that much evidence of dangerous road surfaces in and around Huddersfield that the council's Inspection Plan could not possibly hold water, if challenged.
s it held water will still hold water as it has been dammed by the path.
The work at Powburn, which started in February, has included creating storage ponds to hold water during heavy rainfall, building flood banks and changes to roads and bridges to divert flood water away from properties.
The complaining of the Albanian parties when they are in the opposition, that the Government is not doing anything for the Albanians, does not hold water, as it only reveals their shame and powerlessness.
Now, calculations suggest the gas and dust plumes may hold water in liquid form.
WHETHER you agree with wind power or not, the building of ships by MPI Offshore to place large wind turbines out at sea is one of the green policies that might hold water.
Which leaves one to wonder: The money spends the same, but does winning a duck calling contest hold water with the admissions office?
10 several times, as have others, I hope this one might hold water if others sign it.
SIR - Janek Alexander's defence of Simon Pope's recent Gallery Space Recall at Chapter Arts Centre, (Letters, November 4) really does not hold water.