hold tight

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hold firmly, usually with one's hands

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A son of Exceed And Excel, Hold Tight opened with a win on soft ground at Leicester last October, defying his evident inexperience to hold offsubsequent winner Merhoob by nearly three lengths.
It's so nice to have your fasteners hold tight in the driver instead of falling to the ground.
Featuring such copasetic classics as Hippy Hippy Shake, Good Golly Miss Molly, Hold Tight, Legend of Xanadu and How Do You Do It, this solid gold show is packed with legendary, chart-topping material.
Wear them on land or sea this summer, but just be sure to hold tight when you hang ten.
Give your sweetheart a kiss, take her hand, or wrap your arms around her and hold tight.
We're perfectionists when it comes to print quality and we were very impressed with the ELS's ability to hold tight registration on thin film throughout the entire run.
The grips are designed to hold tight to the wheels and are made from materials such as cotton, leather, and faux leather and suede.
WJHC: Hold Tight reminds me of Archie comics, with a dash of Scooby Doo thrown into the mix.
Other highlights from the album, Come Inside and The Big Jump, kept the tempo rising whilst the more mellow Hold Tight London and Surface To Air offered a chance to catch your breath and enjoy the brothers at work.
So buckle your seats and hold tight, for you're about to go on a magical journey.
These pheasant hold tight, which is great for working a pointing or flushing dog, but when flushed, a shooter better be on his shotgun because these birds are strong flyers and can glide a long way under strong wings.
I was told once again to hold tight and I would be allowed to pass.
Morrison puts on his best Backstreet Boy pout and croons, "I really like your smilin' face / My beach house has a fireplace / We'll watch reruns of Will & Grace / I think it's fate / Hold on / Hold tight / Let's date.
They produce a smoother finish, cut to a true 90-degree shoulder, and hold tight axial and radial tolerances.