hold sway

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be master

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So, we trust that more discussions will take place soonest, and enlightened industry leaders and viewers will eventually hold sway again-and the final configuration of the 2017 official entries will still uphold quality above all else.
Besides, the BJP has not attached much importance to either states, as the regional parties hold sway over the voters.
where federal regulators hold sway, in Brazil, states or municipalities are free to interpret the law as see fit.
But the Taliban said their fighters continued to hold sway in the areas, calling the government's claim as a false propaganda.
But, unless I missed it on the news, England has never been at war with Australia, we aren't split by bitter religious divides and we haven't been at each other's throats for years, armed to the teeth with nuclear warheads, over disputed territories along a common border where militias and guerrilla armies hold sway.
A FREE vote on whose sovereignty should hold sway over the town of Berwick has resulted in a resounding decision to be part of Scotland again (The Journal, February 23).
Elsewhere, favourites should hold sway, though Irish seed Jonathan Ross, who has had to put business before bowls this year, could be vulnerable to Springbok Craig Rimmington.