hold out

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last and be usable


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wait uncompromisingly for something desirable

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She finds the hold outs are the individual apartment owners, who many own one or two units in a co-op or condo.
Estimates of Iraq's non-Paris Club debt vary but Kuwait, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are three states among the notable hold outs.
This would not only include current hold outs, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland, but also states that are currently in the queue, such as Turkey and the Balkan countries.
Cristina Kirchner esta bajo presion internacional para que salga del default con los hold outs (bonistas que no entraron en la renegociacion de la deuda) y con el Club de Paris, pero "con los dos no lo va a hacer, porque se le empieza a complicar la caja".
but there are some hold outs," she says, adding that the school's 60 courses cover core subjects, meet state standards and last 36 weeks.