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To know that he is always keeping a secret from her, that he has under all circumstances to conceal and hold fast a tender double tooth, which her sharpness is ever ready to twist out of his head, gives Mr.
Wherefore my counsel is that we hold fast ever to the heavenly way and follow after justice and virtue always, considering that the soul is immortal and able to endure every sort of good and every sort of evil.
On the other hand, the ancient and mediaeval logic retained a continuous influence over it, and a form like that of mathematics was easily impressed upon it; the principle of ancient philosophy which is most apparent in it is scepticism; we must doubt nearly every traditional or received notion, that we may hold fast one or two.
Providing wood work in frames of doors, windows, clerestory windows and other frames, wrought framed and fixed in position with hold fast lugs or with dash fasteners of required dia & length ( hold fast lugs or dash fastener % shall be paid for separately).
Honouring prisoners is also tantamount to a renewal of a religious oath to hold fast onto anti-Zionist Jihad, Taha added.
In Hold Fast to Dreams: A College Guidance Counselor, His Students, and the Vision of a Life Beyond Poverty, Joshua Steckel, a guidance counselor at Brooklyn's Secondary School for Research, goes beyond the travails that he faced as he worked to get his students accepted into college.
TEHRAN -- Pakistan and Iran have decided to hold fast track discussions on Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project to formulate a road map and time schedule for implementation of this important project.
BBC reports that Xu said in a video message that this country needs brave citizens who can stand up and hold fast to their convictions.
Summary: Foreign Affairs Minister Adnan Mansour said over the weekend that Lebanon will hold fast to its policy of disassociation from events in Syria during the U.
Winner of the Governor General's Literary Award in 1978, Hold Fast is the story of 14-year-old Michael, whose parents are killed in a car crash.
Since he shares Norman Collins' unflinching sense of purpose, Sailor Jerry featured Hammarhead as part of their Hold Fast series, a group of digital video shorts that profile craftsmen of different stripes, celebrating the spirit of authenticity and devotion to craft that Norman Collins made famous with his pioneering tattoo work.
The Betfair Super Saturday Chase is an intriguing affair with top-class novice Sprinter Sacre in there, but preference is for Hold Fast.
The Betfair Super Saturday Chase is an intriguing affair with some top-class novices in there, but preference is for Hold Fast.
FAST BY NAME AND NATURE: Hold Fast can score at Newbury